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What does it mean to do Content Marketing

Doing Content Marketing means creating quality content with a high rate of interaction to attract prospects and retain customers.

After years in which what was chased on the web was the speed of information rather than its quality and where “being there” was the fundamental requirement without paying too much attention to the modalities of presence, today it is the quality content that has returned to dictate the law.

A content capable of educating, explaining, entertaining, informing, entertaining and which aims to attract visitors and retain customers and transform them into spontaneous promoters of their own brand.

Content that can be declined in all formats made available by the web: videos, blogs, social networks, banners, sites, and forums. The only precaution is that the various formats maintain consistency with each other and tell a story capable of involving the final consumer.

Abroad and especially in the American market, many have seized the enormous opportunities associated with content marketing.

What is content marketing in America today

1 – LIFT

The way in which the blog of Lyft, an American company active in the rental of chauffeurs, has managed to combine the corporate mission, based on the importance of human interaction, with the contents that are shared by the accounts of drivers and passengers is certainly a example of high storytelling and to use as an example. https://blog.lyft.com/


For years, Apple has been making some ad hoc advertisements for social media in which it tells stories of everyday life that can excite. One of the latest:

Taco Bell, a popular American fast food chain, through its Vine channel, shares videos of its customers and uploads captivating videos to promote its latest initiatives.

4 – ExtraGum

A commercial shared on all social media has thrilled thousands of consumers around the world. A new way to tell a product by moving.

What is content marketing in Italy today

In Italy, too many things are moving, especially for the big brands, which are changing the language of communications and trying to align themselves with the most up-to-date trends in content marketing.

Here are two examples:

1 – TIME

After setting up the “Dillo con tempo” offer and declining it on all social networks, he also created a spot for the web that aims at the heart of the consumer and which has achieved an important success: https://www.youtube.com / watch? v = sCq0g62cKYw

2 – Proraso

In the last two years this brand has also relied on storytelling to relaunch its image

The initiative is based on the idea of ​​telling the story of Proraso barbers all over the world: http://www.proraso.com/barbieri/il-mondo-di-proraso



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