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What Do You Need for A Marriage Loan in India?

A marriage is a blessed event that unites two people in ceremony. Indian marriages are lavish and pompous, but this can also take a toll on your pocket. If you plan on taking a Marriage Loan in India, you must know what is required. You should begin by checking your eligibility with different banks and NBFCs and choose one with the best interest rates and conditions.

If the EMI is too high, it is better to look at other lenders, or you could end up in high debt. Here are five essential documents every bank and NBFC will ask for when you apply for a Marriage Loan:

  1. Proof of Identification 

Banks and NBFCs take your photo proof very seriously, so it is essential to give authentic proof, so you don’t get debarred at the initial stages. Pick an identification card that has a good and clear photo so that there is no scope for confusion. For your photo identification, you can give a copy of any of the following documents:

  • Your voter ID card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  1. Proof of Income

You must show stable income to get the minimum Personal Loan amount. For example, most banks and NBFCs will not give you a personal Marriage Loan if you do not have a job. They will also check if you have been employed in the past and earn a good salary. For this income proof, you must show your lender a copy of your account statements for the last six months.

  1. Proof of Address

Loaners will also ask for some address proof to see where you live and ensure you have a fixed asset. You can show them a copy of your electricity bill, passport, or ration card. Make sure these proofs have your current address and not a past address. If you have to change your address before showing it to the loan provider, you must update it in advance. Lenders will not give you a Marriage Loan if you provide them with inauthentic address proof.

  1. Employment certificate

Lenders will also want to ensure that you have been employed in the past and can repay the loan. They will ask you for a letter of employment for the past years to know about the job stability. So, ensure you have continuous employment for a year without any gaps. Otherwise, your loan could get rejected. 

  1. Salary slips

Lastly, financial institutions ask for salary slips to see how much income you are making. With this, they will know if you are eligible for the minimum Personal Loan amount. They will give you a Marriage Loan if your income-to-debt ratio is low and your credit score is good. You must ensure your salary slips reflect your correct income, or the lender will reject your loan.

Check if you are eligible

Once all your documents are handy, you should check out different lenders and compare rates. You should also check their eligibility criteria before applying so you don’t get rejected. Some of the important factors that loaners look at include:

  • Whether you are 21 or 58 years old
  • Whether you have been employed for at least six months continuously
  • Some lenders also have a minimum income requirement

Once eligible, you can calculate the amount you want to borrow and apply for a loan. Make sure to stick to your budget, so you are not in debt for a long time. You should also check the lender’s terms, like prepayment penalties, foreclosure payments, and processing fees. Once you have all the information, apply for a loan and start your wedding celebrations.


When you apply for a Marriage Loan in India, remember to keep these five key documents with you. Then, once you are eligible for the loan, you can start the process and get the amount you need in real quick time.

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