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What Are the Leading Ideas for Website Design?

In web design, future-proofing is crucial. The online world acts as a proving ground for cutting-edge innovations in animation, interactivity, and immersion every year, partly due to its tight linkages to contemporary technology. And 2022 has a lot of promise, as we’ll see in the next web development trends.

The ’80s and ’90s are making a resurgence, typography is in charge, and live-action animation is reaching new heights. Meanwhile, visual aesthetics might be anything from delightfully homemade to mind-blowingly high-tech.

We have carefully chosen the top SEO companies Columbus to create cost-effective websites, mobile apps, and online marketplaces. Overall, 2022 appears to be a novel and experimental period in internet history. Before we get too comfy in this new year, let’s take a sneak peek at the 6 cutting-edge web design concepts that will be popular in 2022.

2022 web design trends

Memphis design

Memphis design, one of the iconic styles of the 1980s, is generally perceived as a showy style due to the way it combines a variety of erratic patterns and shapes. A more vivid, approachable, and risk-taking look resulted from Memphis design’s reaction to minimalism and the presumed aristocratic tastes of art critics. This attitude is especially relevant now when minimalistic design methods have produced an ocean of sensible but overwhelmingly similar user interfaces. For a good reason, the Memphis aesthetic is popular among web designers—a riot of colour and character that no one will soon forget.

Typographic hero image

Since it is the main focus of the homepage, the hero image must quickly catch the viewer’s attention. Web designers will take this idea seriously in 2022, as evidenced by the increased emphasis on typography in their hero photos. 

In essence, the visual in these hero passages is toned down or eliminated altogether to let the information speak for itself. These hero passages aren’t sparse; rather, their sparsity is brave. They are guaranteed to draw people’s attention, much like an attention-grabbing news headline. They also provide a lovely showcase for a variety of beautiful and creative lettering styles.

Retro revolution

The Wild West is an inspiration for today’s youthful web designers as the early days of the World Wide Web pass into history. In the so-called Web 1.0 of the 1990s, backgrounds were frequently vivid colours, table layouts were apparent, and fonts like Courier were mechanical.

Web designers are reviving this trend in 2022 with the help of almost 30 years of combined design experience, despite the disastrous and usually comical results of previous attempts. In the 1990s, there was no “web designer”; therefore, websites frequently had eye-catching animations, graphics, and colours just because they could. Younger designers, restricted by industry standards, view the early years as a glorious era of unrestrained inventiveness (for better or worse).

Visible borders

While the content is just amorphous blobs existing in the abyss of cyberspace, web designers enjoy creating the illusion of mystery and amazement by leading the viewer to assume that the material has been miraculously placed where it should be. Unfortunately, websites follow a strict grid and are put together by code. By adopting thin borders and frames, 2022 web designers gravitate toward less flashy designs that reveal more of their structural elements. A visible grid has the obvious advantage of making it much simpler to identify specific portions. More content can be presented because there is more vertical space without making the page look cluttered. These plain borders provide a retro touch to contemporary websites while blending nicely with other 1990s-inspired trends that are now popular.

Engaging interactives

Through the years, websites’ animation showcases have advanced technologically. Clicking, swiping and dragging interactions promote more active engagement with the page than plain scrolling. Large-scale animated interactions will probably become more prevalent among designers in 2022, notwithstanding their traditional use in hero parts and page transitions.

The key to the trend is creating a sense of mystery so that the visitor must engage in a particular type of interaction to figure out how the page functions, like the little black cube that follows your pointer on LEQB’s website or the site’s conspicuously absent navigation on Chiara Luzzana’s. This results in intriguing new experiences that give website visitors the impression of being detectives as they use their mouse and keyboard to investigate the page.


Brutalistwebsites.com has tracked the rise in popularity of brutalist online design since its digital comeback in 2014. Neoliberal-brutalism is a derivative of the Brutalist architectural movement, which was prominent in the 1950s and 1970s and emphasised the use of industrial materials like concrete. Lack of design embellishments, plain backdrops, asymmetrical layouts, default computer typefaces, and unedited photos are characteristics of digital brutalism.

The purposeful minimalism of the Brutalist aesthetic contributes to the movement’s frequently shocking impact. However, it is anticipated that in 2022 this style will change into Neo-brutalism, a more subdued and gentler variation of the present form. This style blends the brusqueness of brutalism with the restrained preferences of minimalism. As a result, websites are created that are approachable to less avant-garde clients while avoiding the blunders that led to the demise of architectural brutalism.


Online design trends for 2022 demonstrate another advancement; however, in the internet era, that’s scarcely newsworthy. digital marketing companies in Columbus designers are frequently at the forefront of what will come next because today’s world is evolving at supersonic speed. However, focusing on happiness makes these exercises feel so energised. 

The goal of this year’s web design trends, regardless of how avant-garde their approaches, is to elicit a fleeting sense of wonder, whether they are bringing back a bygone age, entertaining the user with interactions and animations, or providing something homemade.



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