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What are the different kinds of barcodes and how do they help a business?

A barcode is a readable thing that is the representation of digits and letters made up of bars and spaces. It’s a kind of stripes which can now be found on the packages of items sold in supermarkets, convenience shops, and other retailers. Barcodes are what they’re called. A barcode is made up of varying-width bars and spaces that may be read using an optical barcode scanner.

Key points of Barcodes

  1. Barcodes encode product information into bars and alphanumeric letters, allowing ringing up things at a store or tracking inventory in a warehouse considerably faster and easier.
  2. Aside from convenience and speed, bar codes provide significant commercial benefits such as accuracy, inventory control, and cost savings.
  3. There are many different forms of barcodes, but they always fall into one of two categories: linear codes, such as UPC and EAN, and matrix codes, such as QR codes.
  4. Bar-coding provides a minimal entry barrier—all a company needs is a printer, scanner, and some basic inventory management software to get started.

Types of barcodes

There are two types of barcodes Linear/1D and Matrix/2D

  • Linear/1D

Linear barcodes, also known as 1D barcodes, are what most people think of when they think of a barcode: black vertical bars with numbers beneath them. This is what the majority of retailers put on their merchandise.

Linear barcodes are made up of numbers, characters, and symbols that link the code to a database with details like the product name, kind, size, and color. To work correctly, a 1D barcode must be connected to a database. Consumer items, loyalty cards, shipping labels, and books all employ linear barcodes.

  • Matrix/2D

Additional data can be stored in matrix or 2D barcodes, such as amount, photos, and website URLs. This information may be shown using a 2D barcode without the need for a database connection.

QR codes, which may guide visitors to a specific website or function as digital boarding tickets, are a common usage of 2D barcodes. They’ve also grown more widespread in high-value industrial contexts, such as medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, where through tracking of components and products are required.

Process of buying barcodes

It is a simple way of buying barcodes in India by submitting the important documents to GS1 India, along with the necessary payment, for the grant of a GS1 and also you can do barcode printing online with the help of the internet and service provided by the government.

  1. GS1 India registration form properly filled and signed along with the “product classification sheet” correctly encircling/highlighting the product variety being manufactured or supplied.
  2. Request letter and forwarding letter on letterhead for issuing of GS1 Company prefix number.
  3. Copy of balance sheet (relevant page in support of sales turnover).
  4. PAN card copy of owner – in case of possession firm or PAN card copy of the candidate organization in other cases.
  5. Proof of status of Applicant Company

Benefits of buying Barcodes

  • Barcodes are one of the few technologies that have acquired universal adoption during the last half-century, and for good reason.
  • They’re a straightforward, practical, and dependable method to keep track of inventory, which may account for a significant portion of a company’s potential income and costs.
  • New firms and those who haven’t buy barcodes before should find out which kinds of barcodes are ideal for your business and make sure to utilize and scan them regularly.
  • It’s a minor investment that pays off quickly with better inventory management and accuracy, as well as access to real-time data. Barcodes play a critical role in providing organizations with the visibility they need to keep expenses under control and deliver exceptional customer service.


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