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What Are Some Of The Best No-drill Ways To Hang Curtains?

If you’ve newly renovated your home interior and are looking for some of the best ways to hang curtains without drilling, then you’re absolutely at the right place because today’s topic of discussion at carpenter service Dubai is exactly what you’ve asked for. Speaking of interior renovation, drilling holes in the interior walls to hang curtains is the most likely to cause a glitch in the whole décor.

Apart from that, hanging no-drill curtains is a major requirement of modern interiors as it helps you keep up with the style trends. Some of the best no-drill curtain hanging styles include magnetic curtain rods (only for metal doors), kwik-hang curtain brackets, command hooks/pins, hanging by tension rods, etc.

We’re going to discuss all these curtain-hanging methods in detail, that don’t require you to drill holes in the interior wall thus, saving you valuable effort without compromising the function and aesthetics of the curtains.

Some Renter-Friendly Ways To Hang No-Drill Curtains

There are many ways that let you accomplish your aim of hanging curtains without drilling holes in the wall, however, choosing any of them is a truly personal concern. And, this choice of no-drill curtain hanging style should be made considering the decor requirements of your home interior. So, let’s move on to the first method for hanging no-drill curtains on our list.

1. Try Magnetic Curtain Rods For Metallic Window Frames

If your home windows contain metallic frames, then there could be no better solution than buying magnetic curtain rods for hanging no-drill curtains. Because the curtain rods will easily attach to the frame without the need for any additional hooks, pins, or brackets.

When purchasing a magnetic curtain rod, the only thing that should be kept in mind is the magnetic power of the rod. Adding to that, the magnetic rod should completely be able to support the weight of the curtains, especially, if you’ve blackout or thermal insulating curtains that comprise thick-lining fabrics and therefore, are heavier than normal curtains.

2. Make Use Of Kwik-Hang Brackets For Installing Curtain Rods

These are the types of brackets that are installed as an extension on the window frame (mounted on the top side of the window frame). These brackets let the curtain rod rest on their surface thus, solving the issue of drilling holes to hang curtains.

Also, kwik-hang brackets will solve the most annoying part of hanging curtains i.e. taking measurements. Hence, using these brackets can be another great way to hang curtains without damaging the interior walls in any way.

3. Command Hooks Can Solve The Problem

When speaking of no-drill curtain-hanging methods, one can’t forget to mention the use of command hooks. These hooks eradicate or in a sense replace the use of nails, screws, tacks, and slimy adhesives used for hanging curtains.

That’s because command hooks opt for a simple peel-and-stick function. Hence, you’ll only need to peel off the adhesive protectant layer and stick the hook to the wall surface. Then, simply place the curtain rod over the command hook and you’re done. In this way, you can efficiently and simply hang no-drill curtains.

4. Use Tension Rods To Hang Curtains

Speaking of an adjustable, elegant way to hang curtains without the need of drilling holes in the wall, only tension rods come to mind as the best solution. Tension curtain rods, as the name suggests, are held by the strength of tension and stretch from one end of the window frame to the other.

The length of these rods is adjustable and therefore, can be used to hang large-sized curtains. And, as these rods feature adaptable lengths, there will be no issue with taking measurements for curtains as well as window frames.

5. Hang Curtains Using Coat Hooks

If you’re surprised at seeing coat hooks listed here, then don’t be, because coat hooks, apart from holding raincoats and bags, can be another great solution for hanging no-drill curtains. For this purpose, you’ll need to have a piece of exact information on the curtain weight and dimensions because the number of coat hooks required will be decided on the basis of this information.

These hooks can be screwed into the window frame and the curtains can be looped into the hooks for hanging. In this way, you can hang the curtains without damaging your wall by drilling holes.

6. Install Twist & Fit Rods To Hang Curtains

These are the types of curtain rods that can be easily secured across the inside of the window frame. These rods are versatile in terms of size availability and therefore, you can easily find the perfect fit for your home windows.

You can say that these rods are the modern form of tension rods used for hanging curtains. However, you can make use of these rods only if there is enough space inside the recess of your window frame for their installation.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we’ve described some of the best ways that let you hang curtains without damaging the interior holes by drilling holes. Adding to that, you can make use of magnetic curtain rods (only for metallic window frames), kwik-hang brackets, and command or coat hooks for hanging curtains. Besides, curtain tension rods or twist & fit rods also come in handy for the no-drill hanging of curtains.



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