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Weird and Wonderful: The Top 10 Junk Items Removed

When you think of all the different things your Tacoma junk removal service will remove. It’s probably the things you see every day. Things like old appliances, furniture, mattresses and carpeting, broken toys and electronics, etc. Some of the more common items that need to be removed from homes and businesses around Tacoma, Seattle, and Lakewood, WA. But every now and then, we come across some interesting junk that doesn’t fit any of those common categories.

1) Large Teddy Bears 🧸

One of the more unusual items we’ve removed is a giant, seven-foot-tall teddy bear. This was a difficult item for us to remove as it was too big to fit through. The doorway so we had to cut it in half with a chainsaw. I’m sure there are plenty of children out there who would love a giant teddy bear, but this one was probably not that kid’s best friend!

2) Foot Massage Machines 🦶

Foot Massage Machines 🦶, used for pedicures, were some of the weirdest junk items removed. As for the more mundane items we found, there were a lot of old DVDs that had been stuffed into the back of a cabinet. They’re not really worth anything but might be worth checking if you’re a fan of The Office or Grey’s Anatomy. There was also an old fax machine that someone left behind. We have no idea what it was doing in this person’s garage but they didn’t seem to care enough to take it with them.

3) Bowling Balls 🎳

This bowling ball is a little different from the others. It’s made of metal, rather than plastic or rubber. It was probably used in a game of horseshoes, not the traditional game of tenpins. A metal ball would be much heavier than a plastic one, so it would make sense that this was used in horseshoes instead!

This may be an example of how you don’t always have to go far to find weird junk items!

4) A diamond ring 💍

It’s a good thing that we are here to help you with your Tacoma junk removal needs. We’ve seen some wild stuff over the years, so trust us when we say that we know what we’re looking for when it comes to finding those weird items. For instance, last week one of our clients had a diamond ring left in their pile of junk. We didn’t find it right away, but when we did find it, it was like Christmas morning for our team!

5) Old Tires 🚗

Tires are a huge problem in the environment. They’re made of rubber, which is not biodegradable. That means they can’t be broken down by microorganisms like other materials that are tossed in landfills or recycling centers. When these old tires are dumped in a landfill, they release toxic chemicals into the soil and water supply or into the air when they burn.

6) Mountain bikes 🚵

A bicycle can be a great alternative to other transportation, but it can also be a major hassle. If you are stuck with a Seattle junk removal bike that needs fixing, there are a few things to keep in mind. One thing you want to do is take a look at the tires. You want to make sure they have enough air in them and that they are inflated. You should also check the brakes; if they need to be tightened or replaced, then you will need to replace them before your next ride! It’s important to make sure the chain is lubricated so it won’t rust over time. Keep an eye out for any frays or tears on the cables and housing as well as broken levers or derailleurs, which will all need immediate attention from your local bike shop!

7) Snowboards/skis 🏂

Snowboards and skis are both popular winter sports, but the snowboard is much more versatile. A snowboarder can go downhill on a slope, ride rails or jump in the park, or even surf waves in the water. On the other hand, a skier is limited to going downhill on a slope.

Snowboards have been around since the 1970s when Jake Burton Carpenter made his first board with snowboarding as its focus. Skis have been around for centuries though – Native Americans used them as transportation before Europeans arrived in North America.

Skis are longer than snowboards and they use bindings that hold your boot to the ski while you walk up hills or load into a chairlift.

8) Creepy Dolls 🎎

One of the most common items we find in homes is dolls. Some families collect dolls, some families gift them to their children, and some keep them for sentimental purposes. It’s not uncommon for people to have a large collection of dolls in their homes. What is uncommon is when those doll collections contain more than just your average doll—creepy dolls. We’ve had many instances of people coming to us with creepy dolls they found while cleaning out the house after someone passed away. They’re usually old and dusty, but they often have a life-like appearance to them that can be unsettling.

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9) Taxidermy 🦌

It’s not easy to create a work of art with stiff, lifeless animals. However, some artists have found creative ways to use taxidermied carcasses to make beautiful pieces that serve as both decorations and conversation starters. Here are the top ten weirdest Tacoma junk Removal items removed from homes by our team in order to free up space or just get rid of something strange.

We’ve removed a wide variety of animal heads from homes including deer, moose, wild boar, elk, and wolf. Some were used as decoration while others were more functional such as those that served as wall mounts for knives or rifles.

10) Dangerous Materials

If you’ve ever heard the phrase, One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, then this list is for you. These people found some of the weirdest items in their removal jobs, from a jar of bees to an old beer, can collection.

The one thing they all have in common? They were removed from homes that had hoarding tendencies. To get rid of all those Tacoma junk Removal items, these hoarders needed professional help! It’s important to remember that hoarding isn’t just about having a lot of things; it can also be about never getting rid of anything for fear that something might turn out to be useful later on.



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