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https://www.writomize.com/ Business owners and marketers use Content Marketing to build their business, but in many cases a great blog article or website page falls flat and does not generate enough traffic for the amount of time invested into the article. This article will explain how to avoid this mistake in website marketing.

Blogging and Content Marketing

Imagine that you have invested all your energy in an amazing piece of content that you plan on posting to your company’s website or blog. You post it, and then-nothing. Absolutely nothing happens.

So how do you socialize your most valuable content? Assuming that you have truly valuable educational content that people are going to love and share and that is free of hype, this is going to work.

Why is it that great content is not shared with people? Because we are lazy. Yes, it is as simple as that. Unless it is made effortless, people are not going to share your content on their social networks. You need to embed social sharing in key strategic locations in your content. Make it so that people can click one button with one action and share your content on networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Social sharing can be embedded in a blog post, an e-mail and even a.pdf file. But if people have to craft their own headline and create their own tweet, people are not going to do it. Just imagine if only ten people shared your content with their friends. If your content is really good people are going to want to share your content with other people. This results in enormous amounts of free traffic.

Social share buttons with a graphic that represents the four major social media networks-Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, which make it so all that is needed is ‘one’ click, make your content’s visibility grow exponentially. If people can easily share your great content, they will. “Easily” is the key word.

Content Marketing and the Power of Blogs

What do you say to people that say blogging is dead? The problem is that we are defining article marketing the wrong way. A blog is just a way to format information. One company can have four or five different blogs. So, when someone says that blogging is dead, it is absolutely not true. What could be a more accurate description of the evolution of content marketing is that the old strategy of blogging has moved into a new era-social sharing, and blogging can be a vehicle at which great content is shared on the four major social media networks – Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

If your singular goal is to teach people better than anyone else in the world, and you put that information into blog format, you will be successful. It happens in every industry. Good teaching will never be dead.

Website or Blog as a Destination

https://sbnsports.live/featured/dunham-sports/ Social media is not in your control. All it takes is for Facebook to make one change, and everything you have invested in your social media campaign can be potentially no longer profitable. Your investment can be wasted and go down the drain. So, in order to protect your business from this, keep your website or blog as your “destination” at which you channel your visitors. Yes, it is great if visitors visit your Facebook Page, but in the long run, your business will benefit more if the final destination is your company’s website or blog. Because from there, you can channel visitors to your call-to-action.

Keep Your Destiny in your Own Control

What is the best way to protect your company from wasting investments of content on social media? One word-control.

Companies go out of business every day because they invest everything in their social media campaigns instead of investing in quality content in a blog of website. Your ultimate destination that you want to drive your visitors towards should be your blog or website. So, instead of putting all your eggs into social media, invest in great content that is posted on your website or your blog. The articles that you write, you will use forever and your content will always help in your ability to communicate with your prospects and existing clients. You can use that content on a blog, in an e-mail marketing campaign, or you can use that content to share on your social media platforms. That content is yours and you can use it forever. Use and build upon your library of great content because there is power behind producing content. The effect it has-on a business and the employees, a brand and their call center is affected in the long run with quality articles that are written by a business owner (or a quality ghost writer) who strives to teach and be the best teacher in their field.

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