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Ways to Keep Your Carpet Clean

Carpets are used in almost every house. They can be expensive, so you would want to maintain them for long term. Keeping your carpets clean is an on-going process. When your carpets are free from dirt or germs, they smell good and add to the cleanliness of the place.


Vacuuming your carpets to remove minute dust particles, using freshness sprays or powders and hard scrubs can cause damage to the carpets sometimes. Therefore, people tend to hire a professional from a carpet cleaning company who will not only guide you with the right tips but also help you clean your carpets.


There are numerous methods to clean a carpet:


 Use Carpet Protection:

Using carpet protection can exempt you from cleaning your carpets frequently. Attractive rugs can be placed in the areas that get a lot of footfall. Of course, the rug will require proper maintenance but cleaning a rub with a scrub is a lot easier than cleaning a carpet daily.

One can place a rug under a dining room table where the spills are common or lobby where young children usually play.


Ditch The Shoes:

Encourage the habit of ditching shoes while entering the house. Shoes bring in the dirt that can stick to your carpets. Shoes have hard tread than slippers that wears out expensive carpets.


You can place a leaflet for visitors outside on the wall of your house displaying the removal of shoes before entering the door.


Use Baking Soda Before Vacuum:

You not only want your carpets to be clean but also smell good. Sprinkling baking soda once in a week before vacuum will eliminate bad odours and keep your carpets fresh.


Use baking soda over other powders as they leave an unwanted residue which can damage the carpet with time.


Deal with Strains Immediately:

The longer a stain is allowed to set, the harder it gets to scrape it off.

Do not bring food items like beverages, liquids, sauces, etc. near the carpet. The best way to deal with stains is to prevent them from occurring. But if they occur, do not scrub as this can allow the stain to penetrate, making it difficult for cleaning. Use bloating technique in a circular motion.


Keep Emergency Kit in hand:

Always keep an emergency kit in hand if a stain occurs due to spills . There are various items you can include in your kit:

1. Carpet stain removers for stubborn stains.

2. Shaving cream is a home remedy for stains.

3. Club Soda for alcohol spills.

4. Ice cubes to remove chewing gums.

5. Hydrogen peroxide for bloodstains.

Keeping these things which are readily available in the market can help you deal with stains on your own.


Have the Carpet Cleaned by a Professional Occasionally:

It’s worth to maintain the integrity of your carpet by getting it occasionally cleaned by the professionals.

They are well equipped, and they have different tools to handle different stains.

You can search for Professional Carpet Cleaners online, and you can always go for reviews before contacting them.



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