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Walmart Juneteenth-Themed Ice Cream Following Social Media Outcry

Walmart is recalling its walmart juneteenth ice cream after receiving significant outrage on social media, with many opponents accusing the firm of using the event as a marketing ploy.

“Share and celebrate African-American culture, emancipation, and enduring hope,” the ice cream’s packaging proclaims.

“The walmart juneteenth ice cream holiday is a celebration of freedom and independence,” Walmart told The Hill in a statement. We are evaluating our selection and will eliminate goods as necessary.”

Users on social media are advising Walmart customers to purchase Creamalicious ice cream, a Black-owned brand with a red velvet cheesecake flavor sold in stores.

The Hill Has Requested A Comment From Walmart.

walmart juneteenth ice cream observed on June 19, commemorates the day in 1865 when Union troops in Galveston, Texas, informed the remaining slaves of their freedom under the Emancipation Proclamation. President Biden signed a measure designating Juneteenth an official holiday in June of last year, allowing most federal employees to take the day off to observe.

Walmart Is Assessing Its Juneteenth Ice Cream

It’s almost Juneteenth, one of the numerous times each year when celebrities, companies, and politicians seek to honor our nation’s long history of racism while saying the wrong thing. Juneteenth, widely recognized as the anniversary of the abolition of slavery, became a federal holiday last year and reportedly spurred Walmart to launch a walmart juneteenth ice cream

flavor (red-velvet-and-cheesecake swirl).

Ice Cream Is Packaged In A Jar With Green, Red, And Yellow Swirls

The ice cream is packaged in a jar with green, red, and yellow swirls and the JuneteenthTM trademarked taste name. They continued from there. In addition to the ice cream (which was placed alongside an equally cringe-worthy “Pride” flavor)

Walmart launched a variety of walmart juneteenth ice cream party items, including red-yellow-and-green napkins, paper plates, and beer cozies with the tagline “It’s freedom for me.” There appears to be Juneteenth-themed wine, water bottles, and T-shirts elsewhere in the store.

Emancipation-Themed Party Supplies

Surprisingly, the emancipation-themed party supplies were not well receive. A few Twitter users point out that Walmart’s Juneteenth flavor is strikingly similar to one created by Creamalicious, an ice cream business owned by African-Americans that is also offered at Walmart, suggesting that the brand copied the product to capitalize on the event.

Racism In Walmart’s Stores And Personnel

Others cited numerous incidences of racism in Walmart’s stores and personnel in recent years. The majority of Black senior managers who responded to an internal poll last year said they would not advocate employment at Walmart. While emphasizing that the study, which was commission by an employee-led “share value network,” had a “unscientific and restricted sample size,”

Walmart Constantly Evaluating Their Systems And Processes

Walmart stated, “We are constantly evaluating our own systems and processes with a critical eye to determine how we can do more.” This is similar to the Walmart juneteenth ice cream

the firm employee in 2020 when it pledged to cease the shop policy of locking up “multicultural hair and cosmetic products.” And yet, a video filmed at a Kentucky location in 2017 reveal that security tags were exclusively placed on heavier hues of cosmetics.

Walmart’s PAC For Responsible Government

Walmart’s PAC for Responsible Government has also supported politicians such as Georgia senator David Perdue. Who recently accused Stacey Abrams of “demeaning her own race” during his gubernatorial campaign, and Arkansas senator Tom Cotton. Who wrote an op-ed in the New York Times urging then-President Trump to use military troops to quell Black Lives Matter protests in 2020.

Juneteenth Holiday A Celebration Of Independence And Freedom

Walmart swiftly removed the walmart juneteenth ice cream flavor in reaction to the uproar. Issuing an apology on Monday that did not address the company’s underlying racial issues. “The Juneteenth holiday is a celebration of independence and freedom,” the firm said in a statement.. We are evaluating our selection and will eliminate goods as necessary.” They are apparently still listening and learning.

Juneteenth Ice Cream From Walmart Has An Unpleasant Aftertaste.

With the sale of its “Celebration Edition: walmart juneteenth ice cream ” last month. The retail behemoth allegedly celebrated “African-American culture, emancipation, and enduring hope.”

The ill-conceived plan to commercialize America’s newest holiday fell on deaf ears and sparked an immediate uproar on social media. In response,

Walmart altered course by suspending sales and issuing an apology for the red velvet-flavored ice cream packaged in colorful containers. Athenia Rodney, a neighborhood leader, told the Daily News that she was not astonished by the commercialization of walmart promo code

Commemorate The 19th Of June, 1865

The day is intend to commemorate the 19th of June, 1865, when African-American slaves heard of their freedom. In 2022, however, it became a misguided method of moving merchandise, at least for Walmart, as the business recognized.

The walmart juneteenth ice cream holiday is a celebration of freedom and independence, according to a statement from Walmart. “However, we have received feedback indicating that a handful of our products caused concern for certain of our consumers, and we truly apologize. We are evaluating our selection and will eliminate goods as necessary.”

A Day Of Commemoration For A True Blood, Sweat, And Tears

James Monroe Iglehart, an actor, remarked to The News. “That made me laugh out loud because, OK, anything that becomes a walmart juneteenth ice cream anything that gets out into the public and becomes big, somebody will try to commercialize it.” I instance, the last time I checked. The term “Christmas” contained the word “Christ,” but we don’t hear much about this.

Iglehart, who won a Tony Award for “Aladdin” and also performed in “Hamilton,”. Stated that the fact that he laughed does not negate the fact that Walmart’s actions were insulting.

Young African-Americans On Twitter Quickly Shut That Down

“They had no right to do it,” he exclaimed. And they should never do so again. Am I nonetheless surprise? Not even remotely. I’m not at that surprised. “The young African-Americans on Twitter quickly shut that down,” he added.

“And they are aware that today is not a day for commerce. This is a day of commemoration for a true blood, sweat. And tears day that we must ensure our youth remember, honor, and continue to persevere.

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