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Virtues And Benefits of Reciting four Quls

The whole Quran is a blessing and a mercy from Allah Almighty, and there is abundance blessing and a guidance in reciting and learning the beautiful Quran. We know of many Sahih (authentic) narrations that come from the our beloved Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه و سلم). 

There are so many examples, one such practice is reciting Surah Yaseen when someone is dying or has died, there is absolutely no authentic narration to support such a practice. In order to bring a correct understanding, we have given the various narrations, both authentic (sahih) and weak, so that the reader may benefit and gain an informed understanding. We have relied upon the works of Shaikh Albani in regard on various authentic surahs.

Benefits of Reciting Surah Al Kafirun

The Prophet said, ‘Recite surah al Kafiroon and then go to sleep aftercoming to its end, for it is a barrier from shirk’ [Tirmidee , Saheeha 2709]

The prophet (s.a.w) said Surah Al Kaafirun is equivalent to a fourth of the Quran [Al Saheeha : 586]

When you prepare to sleep recite Al Kafirun and when you finish reciting it, sleep for indeed it is a barrier against Shirq [Hasan – Saheeh al Jami’ 292]
Prophet (s.a.w) said ” How blessed are 2 surahs recited in the 2 rak’ahs before Fajr ” Surah Ikhlaas and Surah al Kaafirun’ [ Al Saheeha 646]


The hypocrite does not pray the Dhuha prayer (forenoon voluntary prayer) and he does not recite Al Kaafirun [Da’eef Jami’ al Sagheer : 5946]

Benefits of Reciting Surah Al Ikhlas

Several Hadiths clearly mentioned the virtues of Surah Al Ikhlas. Reciting Surah Ikhlas offers the same reward as reciting a third of the Quran. And we believed that Allah will gather all the good of this world and the next one for those who recite this Surah Ikhlas. 

We also believed that all the sins of those who don’t abandon the recitation of this Surah forgiven by Allah SWT along with the sins of his/her parents and children. Reciting Surah Al Ikhlas means of earning Allah’s love and attaining Jannah. It also banishes poverty and increases sustenance.

Benefits of Reciting Surah Al Falaq Surah Nas

It is reported that these surah Nas reveal when the Prophet (s.a.w) had black magic casted upon him by a Jew in Madinah. 

Thus these two surahs (Muwaddhatayn) are one of the most powerful tools to combat ad prevent evil eye, black magic and similar harm.


Prophet (s.a.w) said ” should i inform you of the best refuge which the person who seeks refuge takes? They (Sahabas) said “Of course Messenger of Allah” He (s.a.w) said ” Al Falaq & Al Naas – these two Surahs [ Al Saheeha :1104]

Prophet (s.a.w) said “Recite Surah Al Ikhlaas, Muwadathayn (Al Falaq and Al Naas) three times in the morning and evening. They will suffice you from everything [Tirmidhee, Saheeha : 2829]

Prophet (s.a.w) said ” Oh Uqbah, should i not teach you a surah which the like of it was not sent in the Torah nor in the Zabur. Or nor in the Injeel and even in the Furqaan – there are no comparisons for them…. (They are) : Surah Al Ikhlaas, Al Falaq and al Naas [Al Saheeha : 2861]

Prophet (s.a.w) said ” Recite the Muwadathayn (Al Falaq and Al Naas) after every prayer [Al Saheeha : 645]


Whoever recites seven times after the Friday prayer “Surah al ikhlaas, Surah al Falaq and Surah al Naas. Allah will reward him for that such that no evil will reach him until the next Friday [ Al Da’eefa 4129]

Connection between Surah Al-Fatihah and the Surah Al Falaq Surah Al Nas

Although the Qur’an has not arranged chronologically, the Holy Prophet (upon whom be peace) arranged in the present order the verses and Surahs revealed during 23 years on different occasions to meet different needs and situations not by himself but by the command of Allah Who revealed them. According to this order, the Qur’an opens with the Surah Al-Fatihah and ends with the Mu’awwidhatayn. Now, have a look at the two. 

In the starting, after praising and glorifying Allah SWT. Who is Lord of the worlds, Kind, Merciful and Master of the Judgment Day, the servants submits: “Lord, You alone I worship and to You along I turn for help, and the most urgent help that I need from You is to be guided to the Straight Way.” 

In answer, he is given by Allah the whole Qur’an to show him the Straight Way.

Which is concluded thus: Man prays to Allah, Who is Lord of dawn, Lord of men, King of me whole mankind, saying: 

“I seek refuge only with You for protection from every bad evil and mischief of every creature, and in particular, from the bad evil whisperings of devils, be they from among men or jinn, for they are the greatest obstacle in following the Straight Way.” 

The relation that the beginning bears with the end, cannot remain hidden from anyone in the world who has understanding and insight.

There are some easy learning duas 

Inna Lillahi Wa Inallah-e-raji’oon  

This dua recites when someone dies and something lost.

Rabbi Zidni Ilma

My Lord, increase me in knowledge.

Rabbish rahli sadri wa yassirli amri wah lul uqdatan min lisaani, yaf kahu kauli

My Lord, expand for me my breast [with assurance] and ease for me my task and untie the knot from my tongue that they may understand my speech.”

Bismillahi tawakkaltu alallahi la hawla wala quwwata illa billah. 

“I am leaving in the name of Allah, I trust in Allah alone, success in obtaining any good or avoiding any evil can be achieved only by the command of Allah”



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