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Vacuum Cleaner Type Used in Hotel

Vacuum cleaners are commonplace in hotels, restaurants, offices, and homes. They can make cleaning easy, efficient, effective, organized, quick, and straightforward. A vacuum cleaner is a vital tool in the housekeeping department.

Vacuum cleaners are the best tools for commercial businesses such as restaurants and hotels.

There are many types of vacuum cleaners used in hotel housekeeping.

DRY Vacuum Cleaner

Dry vacuum cleaners can remove dust and small particles from walls, ceilings, floors, and upholstery.

The flexible hose comes with different attachments, i.e., Upholstery-cleaning, extension tubes and floor-cleaning heads, powerheads, crevice-cleaning heads, heads, and so on.

Rugs and carpeted floors were used in rooms, banquet halls, and corridors in hotels. A dry vacuum cleaner is required to remove food particles from carpet floors. Dry vacuum cleaners can also clean grouted floors, as dirt often remains in grout lines. This vacuum cleaner ensures that no ground remains behind, even though mopping alone is not enough to get rid of it.


The hotel housekeeping department is highly competent with both dry and wet vacuums. When the vacuum is on wet mode, it can remove any spillages and excess water. It also helps to remove dust and other debris when it is in a dry way. These vacuum cleaners are used in hotels to clean up spills.

These types of vacuum cleaners are used to clean more significant flooring areas. The flexible hose has attachments, e.g., a squeegee head. After use, it is necessary to empty the tank of wastewater.

It is a tank-type vacuum cleaner. It is also known as industrial vacuum cleaners or canister-type vacuumers. You can use it for dry or wet pick-up. The wastewater is picked up by a scoop attachment and pushed through a nozzle to the tank. These are used to clean large areas like lobbies and restaurants.


Most hotels use upright vacuum cleaners. The vacuum is placed horizontally on the ground and is powered by one motor. The dust bag is usually located outside of the main body.

The beater brush is belt-driven, making cleaning carpets with thick piles easier. It can be upgraded with a dual motor system. One motor drives the beater brush, and the other provides the suction.

This machine has a built-in hose that can be used to clean corners and upholstery. This machine is best suited for large areas with carpeted floors.

The Main Features of Upright Vacuum Cleaning

It’s easy to use

It’s easy to maneuver

It’s easy to store

Great quality


These lightweight vacuum cleaners can be carried one-handed. These vacuum cleaners are ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas but must be thoroughly cleaned. It can clean curtains, computer edges, sofas, music systems, and couches.

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The backpack system is lightweight and ergonomic. These vacuum cleaners can be beneficial and increase productivity. It can clean mattresses, curtains, upholstery edges, music systems, computers, and other items. You can clean it by using suction and brushing. You can carry it in your hand or strap it to the back of the hotel’s housekeeping staff.

It can also be used to clean difficult-to-reach areas, e.g., It can be used to clean curtain ends, ceilings, and air vents or ducts.

It can be used for cleaning with minimal fatigue and is powerful. It is quiet, well-organized, efficient, versatile, and easy to use. It is also known as the ‘Piggy Back vacuum cleaners.

CYLINDRICAL Vacuum Cleaners

Because it does not have rotating brushes, it only works by suction and is frequently used in housekeeping for guestroom cleaning. A filter cum diffuser is installed at the outlet to remove fine dust and microorganisms from the air flowing through it. The filter-cum diffuser reduces noise and air disturbance.

The vacuum cleaner’s cylindrical body contains a dust bag. The flexible hose attaches it to the vacuum cleaner’s cylindrical body. Many attachments can be used to clean different surfaces. This type of vacuum cleaner is often called a “suction cleaner.” This vacuum cleaner and other branches can efficiently, productively, and effectively clean diverse surfaces.

CENTRALIZED Vacuum Cleaner

This type of component produces suction at one end. However, soiling can be removed using appropriate nozzles connected to flexible hoses. A network of flexible hoses transports the accumulated dirt to a central container. This is a costly component and should be installed during construction.

This vacuum cleaner has a significant advantage: it is immaculate and hygienic, removing all dust from the cleaning area. The maintenance costs for this vacuum cleaner are generally not too high.

The fatigue level is also not as high, and there are no broken flexes or sole devices to fix. When the vacuum cleaner is used in a wet mode, it does pick up excess, spillage, and water. They can pick up dust and debris even in a dry way.


The electric broom is a lightweight vacuum used with a beater brush motor. This is typically used to vacuum light and touch up hard floors.

Today, batteries can operate electric brooms and don’t need any cords.

The Main Features of Electric Brooms:

It’s straightforward to use and is a professional-grade electric broom.

This is an excellent option for small areas with carpeting.


They are used to clean and brush long-pile carpets. It’s useful for cleaning carpets that have heavy soil.

It is safe and effective for all types of oil- and water-formed spots and stains on carpets and soft furnishings.



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