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USA Mosque Survey

The US Mosque Review 2020 is a thorough factual investigation of mosques situated in the US. The US Mosque Study is a continuous decadal review which was led beforehand in 2000 and 2010. This report will infrequently incorporate outcomes from a 1994 review which was led by the Islamic Asset Place, involving similar system as the US Mosque Overviews.

The reason for the US Mosque Overview is to lead a logical report that will create precise data about most parts of the American mosque. The objective is to give a nitty gritty representation of the American mosque to dissipate misinterpretations and to assist mosque pioneers and members with bettering figure out their mosque, ideally prompting upgrades.

Each of the US Mosque Overviews

Each of the US Mosque Overviews (2000, 2010, and 2020) were led as a team with a bigger investigation of American gatherings called Confidence People group Today (Truth), which is a task of the Helpful Congregational Examinations Organization (CCSP), a multi-confidence alliance of various categories and confidence gatherings, settled at Hartford Theological college.

The procedure of Truth is to foster a typical poll and afterward have the part confidence bunches utilize that survey to direct an overview of their individual gatherings. The US Mosque Reviews took the Reality normal survey and changed it to fit the mosque setting.

The essential backers of the US Mosque

The essential backers of the US Mosque Review 2020 incorporate numerous associations: Islamic Culture of North America (ISNA), Center on Muslim Magnanimity, Organization for Social Strategy and Figuring out (ISPU), and the Relationship of Analysts of American Strict Bodies (ASARB).In North USA A mosque built by Minhaj ul Quran usa.

Other significant allies incorporate Instinctive Arrangements, Worldwide Establishment of Islamic Idea (IIIT), Islamic Circle of North America’s Committee for Civil rights, Chamber on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), and Hartford Foundation for Religion Exploration (Hartford Theological college).

The main period of the Mosque Review

The main period of the Mosque Review was a count, everything being equal, which was led from June to November 2019. Beginning from the 2010 mosque data set, an underlying web search was directed to confirm mosques, recognize new mosques, and take out mosques that never again exist.

This web search relied essentially upon the superb data sets tracked down on the sites of Muslim Aide and Salatomatic. Mosques were checked through the mosques’ sites, Google Guides, and a call. The web search brought about an underlying count of 2948.

After the web search

After the web search, a five star (address rectification) letter and a short survey were shipped off every one of the mosques. Different choices for finishing the survey were offered, including an internet based variant. Of the 2948 mailings, 164 reactions were gotten — a 5.5% reaction rate.

This low reaction rate is the reasoning for not relying upon a web-based variant for the complete study. Returned mail was checked with Google Guides and an overall web search. The eventual outcome was a count of 2769 mosques.



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