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Urgent Emergency Indian Visa & Indian Visa for Australian Citizens


Can Australian residents visit India without a visa?  Since Australian residents are eligible for India eVisa, they can apply for the grant online 24 hours a day and do not need to visit any government office or department.

Do I need a visa to go to India from Australia?

There are different types of Indian visas. Indian Visa For visiting Australian citizens, a tourist visa will be required. The Indian government offers Indian holiday visas for Australians that last up to 90 days. Indian visas for Australian citizens can be applied online through the EVISA framework for visitor visas. You can consider this as an attendance visa as you don’t have to go anywhere to apply. That thing is something like that; You may want to apply for a visa prior to travel instead of giving it at the Indian air terminal when you show up. To give the visa application enough chance to be approved, you really want to apply for it 4 days before travel.

Urgent India Visa Application

How to get Urgent Emergency Indian Visa, This is important when you are traveling for tourism, business, or medical purposes and can’t wait for long delays in issuing an Indian visa. Our team will work on holidays, after hours, and on weekends to make sure that those who need an urgent Indian visa are able to get the visa in the shortest possible time. It is often as quick as 18-24 hours or takes up to 48 hours Emergency visas for India are issued only in cases of genuine urgency such as death or serious illness of a blood relative. Emergency visas for India are issued by Indian embassies which require physical presence at the embassy as per Indian government regulations. For India visas, the Indian government can process anywhere between 24-72 hours and it’s done on a best effort basis, as this sort of visa is not an emergency visa for India.

Urgent Indian e-Visa

If your emergency doesn’t qualify for a critical illness or death as described above, you’ll apply for an Emergency Electronic Indian Visa (eVisa India). Contact us and a separate fee is going to be charged for expedited processing of the Indian visa application. Emergency processing of Indian visas is out there on weekends for all categories of visitors.


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