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Understanding the Process of Title IX filing and its Outcome

Title IX cases need to be handled with sensitivity because the student’s life and the school’s reputation are at the stake. If you want to file it with the local authorities because the school did not take the right steps at the right time, you need to be aware of the procedure well in advance. It is also suggested to contact an attorney for the Title IX defense in FloridaHe can guide you better on various facts about the entire process. Some of the steps are elaborated on below: .................................

Investigation of the complaint

After you file the complaint with the authorities, they will decide to investigate the matter so that the facts are revealed. You and the school will get the notification from the department and it will start collecting the relevant information from the victim, harasser, and the school so that necessary actions are taken. It is likely that you will be called for an interview and an officer may try to get the details from you related to the incident. Besides that, the school administrators, witnesses, and others may also be called for an interview. The role of the officer is to look at the facts of the incident in an unbiased manner for the purpose of decision-making. It is suggested to cooperate with the officials if you want to get justice.

Taking decision 

The department will contact the school authorities to know whether they are interested in resolving the matter as soon as possible. If the school shows its willingness, the department may send the details of actions that the school should take for the victim and harasser. If the agreement happens, you will be notified by the department. In case, the school does not agree, the department may refer the case to higher authorities.


If you are not satisfied with the decision of the department, you can appeal within 60 days. With this, you will have an opportunity to bring the facts to the notice of the officials that you might have missed earlier.  It might change its decision.

Filing a lawsuit 

If you believe that there was much more to the case, that the department did not look at, you should contact an attorney and ask for a lawsuit. He can review the case and if it stands valid, he will be able to suggest the best solution. A lawyer is the best person, who can guide you better on your case.



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