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Umbrella cockatoos, also known as white cockatoos

Umbrella cockatoos, also known as white cockatoos .very intelligent and loving birds. When properly cared for, they are great companions for people seeking a charming affectionate bird who likes to snuggle. In contrast to Moluccans, they are tolerant and patient.

However, they are attracted to attention

If they aren’t they could become noisy and destructive, or even resort to self-mutilation or plucking. Purple Birds Certain birds can become enamored of their owner, which could result in unpredictable behavior toward other individuals, particularly as the bird matures sexually.

Although umbrellas can speak occasionally they aren’t well-known for their ability to imitate. They can, however, be extremely vocal. Screaming is usually learned as young birds listen to the morning or afternoon screams of a Cockatoo.

In the wild in the wild, umbrellas

(scientific name Cacatua alba) are abundant within the Northern Maluku province in Indonesia and are found in lowland forests and canopy forests, particularly mature ones that are located along rivers. They also frequent cleared areas and are most active during the morning hours and later in the afternoon. Wild cockatoos feed off seeds, nuts, berries, and even insects.

Umbrella cockatoos can be playful and curious and love to chew on objects within their environment. They should always have toys, wooden blocks, and branches that they can chew. Young cockatoos must be introduced to a wide range of people, in a wide range of environments, including the introduction of new cages and toys, and visits to the vet.Umbrella cockatoos, also known as white cockatoos


The birds are adorned with long white crest feathers which conform to the head’s shape When the crest is up the feathers extend out in the shape of an umbrella. The only color that is visible in the birds is yellow which is visible on the insides of the wings.

The umbrella cockatoo and the other species can live very long and some individuals in zoos have been known for 50 to 60 years old. The exact lifespan of an average umbrella cockatoo is not available because the majority of umbrellas die before.


Showering and bathing regularly are essential to maintain healthy skin and plumage. Are Bats Birds It is possible to mist birds and let air dry inside a cool space or outdoors in the sun or gently dried using a blow dryer.

It is important not to clip the feathers of the wing too much as cockatoos can get injured and fall. Clip only the primary feathers of flight and just enough to ensure that the bird is able to glide on the floor.



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