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Trouble having a good relationship with your wife? Here’s what you need to do

Are you stuck in an unhappy marriage where you both feel suffocated from the relationship? Is there a chance that you both still have love but cannot connect with each other? If yes, then this following article is for you. Over the years, many strong marriages have fallen weak due to many reasons, which could be:

  • Miscommunication
  • Low intimacy
  • Lack of understanding
  • Dominance behaviour
  • Less quality time
  • Less effort towards each other
  • Busy schedules

These reasons are enough to make a couple unlove each other while being in a marriage. Nowadays, due to excess work schedules and constant hustle, men often tend to devote less time to their wives, and sometimes a simple time gap leads to a course of years of miscommunication, and the other person shifts away. Besides that, less quality time is also a major reason for broken marriages. This leads to small frictions between the couple, which later turn into major fights and sometimes even foster abusive relationships. Unlike relationships, marriages aren’t casual to end with the simple word “breakup.” There is a mutual decision and a divorce process to end a marriage. That’s why when a serious commitment like marriage breaks, one shouldn’t rush to end things but instead find ways to fix the bond. Other than a disloyal and disrespecting partner, there isn’t a relationship that cannot be mended. So if you are ready to fix your marriage and want how to make your wife love you again, this is the right place to start with. Keep reading till the end.

Step 1. Forgive your partner

Although it’s you who wants to win back your wife’s heart, there is a possibility you haven’t forgiven her. If you are in a broken marriage, then you might have repressed thoughts and emotions about your wife. The rage isn’t healthy to keep if you really want your wife’s love back. For her to forgive you you need to forgive her before; after all, it’s you who wants to heal the relationship. You need to understand the problem from her perspective, which is only possible if you are unbiased.

Step 2. Communicate as much as you can

Often the majority of the issues get resolved when you talk to the other person and when this person is your wife with whom you have shared a lovely bond in the past, the process can be easier. What you need to do is give her an open space to share:

  • What she feels
  • Where she lacks interest in you
  • What made her shift her emotions
  • Is she willing to work on the marriage
  • Will she be able to forgive you
  • How can you both work on it

Be sorry to her and see if she can try to forgive you or at least put it in the past and try to make things better. When you are both communicating, don’t just talk but also understand each other. Don’t pass on any judgments, and be unbiased. When you fix the issue, you are against the problem and not each other.

Step 3. Put efforts into the relationship

After you both know what broke your marriage, it’s time to put in some work to fix the relationship; you need her to forgive you now. The best way to do so is to show her that you have changed and are serious about winning her back. So put in the efforts where required.

  • Communicate as much as you can
  • Take her on dates
  • Spend quality time together like showering, going out, cooking together, watching a movie, and going for a walk, etc.
  • Work on your weak points
  • Try to have good sexual intimacy if she is comfortable
  • Cook for her
  • Ask her choices
  • Compliment her when required
  • Do couple activities

Step 4. Seek professional help

If all the efforts, still your wife is unable to trust you, then it’s better to go for either couple’s therapy or marriage counselling. If not, there are relationship mentors or gurus who are skilled and trained to help fix your marriage and get your wife to love you again.

Step 5. Be consistent with efforts

Once you have started building your wife’s trust in you by doing everything required, it’s time you keep doing that and working on your marriage together. It’s a lifelong journey that needs to be taken care of like a baby. Remember, as it is said, a happy wife is a happy life, and communication is the key to everything. Try to come to a neutral end when you are discussing anything.

Hope this helped.



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