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Trollishly : The Top 5 TikTok Influencers That You Should Follow In 2022

TikTok is a social media platform that is at the forefront. It has skyrocketed its popularity and hit over 1 billion monthly active global users. The platform’s short video content allows users to create and share a lot of videos in a short period. In contrast, the short timeframes indicate that the video catches the user’s attention quickly, and there is a high chance of watching the videos till the end. As a result, it states that the video completion rate is higher than any other social media platform. In addition, creating content on the platform is easier by using interesting features like filters and effects. 

If you have created interactive and engaging content, share it on TikTok and start to increase your popularity. Hence, more influencers on the platform, searching for how to buy tiktok views And picking up suitable packages. In this way, they enhance their stardom and build a large following on the platform. Remember that influencers are the ones who always stay up with the trends and create the trending content. So if you want to amplify your marketing strategy, follow the top TikTok influencers and get great inspirational ideas to create exciting content. Hence, you can greatly entice customers and increase your brand awareness. Here are a few of the top influencers that you need to follow to travel the path of success.

#1 Addison Rae

Addison Rae is a famous American social media influencer, dancer, singer, and actress. She often posts lip sync videos, comedy sketches, and dancing videos with her mom, increasing her popularity. Addison Rae is well known for her TikTok dancing videos. Later in August 2020, Forbes named her the highest-earning TikTok influencer. She is under the top 30 of the influencer list. Every content is admirable,digital marketing and millions of people worldwide love to watch it. She is one of the top influencers who help to build a meaningful connection with the audience and allows brands to sell their products. With the familiarity, she has got a chance to play a lead role in a Netflix movie. If you are one of the top brands in the U.S, working with her will bring value to your business . 

#2 Burak Ozdemir

Burak Ozdemir is a Turkish chef and restaurateur famous on the TikTok platform. His extraordinary cooking skills and tutorials he has posted on his interest influence the people to follow him. He amazes a million users and has built a large following in a short period. Most influencers in several niches are utilizing Trollishly to help people discover the content on the platform. Burak is famous for cooking traditional Turkish dishes with a cute smile on his face. If you want to get exciting cooking ideas to prepare the Turkish dish, explore his TikTok videos. More importantly, if you are a restaurant owner, search how he has increased his social status on the platform. Follow his path and increase your fame on the platform and well establish your restaurant.

#3 Charli D’Amelio

Charli D’Amelio is a famous American social media star. Before she started her career on social media, she was a challenging dancer. Showcasing her skills on the TikTok, have become famous in a short period and built a large following on the platform. Currently, she is well known, and you can find her name everywhere in Hollywood. She created the dancing, music, and lifestyle videos with complete dedication and maintained her popularity on the platform. She is most active on the platform and keeps over 100 million loyal followers. Most famous brands partner with her to increase their follower base and grow their business tremendously.

#4 Zach King

Zach King is a famous American online personality, illusionist, and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. He is well known for his ‘magic vines.’ Zach shared his first videos on TikTok in 2016 and attracted nearly 68.2 followers. This makes him the most-followed personality on the platform. He always makes exciting videos using intriguing editing tools that make boring topics into enjoyable ones. Zach dedicated his time to creating the most interesting comedy videos that gained millions of followers. Always he is creating videos that inspire people and make the Trollishly, and best maintain their presence on the platform.

#5 Khaby Lame

Khaby Lame joined TikTok to showcase the simple life hacks and how to solve the challenging home problems quickly. He is from Senegal and one of the most-followed influencers on TikTok. The main aim of Khaby is to help people make everyday life a lot easier. This is why he is so famous today and has become one of the top influencers. Some of the popular brands have sponsored him, like Amazon. He always creates exciting content on the platform and helps people find the right product to make their lives easier and more comfortable.

Wrapping It Up

The names mentioned above are the top influencers who have many followers. They have millions of loyal followers on the platform. So, if you like to become famous, get inspiration from the top influencers. Moreover, businesses to manage a strong online presence are partnering with influencers. Whereas integrating influencers in your marketing strategy will grab people’s attention, which helps build a long-lasting relationship.



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