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Introducing the game Tien Len Mien Nam – TLMN dream99

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Tien Len Mien Nam is the card game most loved by players at the betting card game portal Suwin. Especially when participating in playing Tien Len Mien Nam at the Suwin card game portal, you will be able to redeem rewards through many different forms. Therefore, you can both experience the wonderful feeling of attractive Tien Len card games and still receive cash prizes.

How to play Tien Len Mien Nam at Dream99
To play Tien Len Mien Nam at the Dream99 card game portal, first you need to log in to your betting account to create the Dream99 card game portal using the following link: https://Dream99u.net – In case you don't have an account yet. At Dream99, create one for yourself because it is completely free.

In Dream99's main lobby, click on the card game category and select Tien Len Mien Nam. Next, choose the bet level, table type and game table to participate in.

In case you want to create a new table, you can click CREATE TABLE. Next you can choose the bet level, table type for 2 or 4 people and finally create a table password.

If you want to enter a certain table, click the ENTER TABLE button. Next, enter the match number and password to participate.

Rules of the Southern Tien Tien game at Dream99
Depending on the table mode, players can participate in their favorite table. After joining the table, to play, the player must click on the "ready" button. In order for a southern tournament at Dream99 to start, that table must have 2-4 players participating.

Start a game of Advance. Suwin's computer system will deal cards to each player present at the table. Each player will be dealt 13 cards by the computer system. Then the system will choose the first person to play the card.

If it is a new table: The player who gets to play first will be the player with the 3 of spades card in hand. If there are 2 or 3 people at the table, the person who owns the table will take the lead
If it is an old table: The player who gets to play first will be the player who won the previous hand.
After choosing the first player, this player will be the one to play a card or a certain set of cards. The next player will have the task of blocking the set of cards the previous player has played. To block a card, this person must play a card, a set of cards of the same type as the previous player, but its size must be higher.

In case this person does not catch or has no cards to catch. At that time, this person must click to skip the turn. If the player does not make a decision, the computer system will automatically abandon that turn within 15 seconds.

The person who blocks the last card will be the first to play in the next turn. However, in case no one can block the card, the first player will have the right to decide to play the card in the next turn.

Just like that, the game will continue until one player can play all 13 cards in their hand. Then the game will end and the player who plays all the cards will become the winner of that game.

Concept of cards and card combinations
Single card: Any card out of 52 cards
Pair: Two cards of the same quality regardless of quality.
Gray Lady: 3 identical cards.
Four of a Kind: 4 identical cards.
Three consecutive pairs: Three pairs in a row. For example: Pair 3 – Pair 4 – Pair 5. (Note: KK-AA-22 is not a regular Three Pair)
Four Pairs: Four consecutive pairs (QQ-KK-AA-22 is not Four Pairs)
Straight: Consists of consecutive cards, depending on the length of the cards, there are long or short straights. The shortest hall is 3-4-5, the longest hall is: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A (Dragon Hall). (Note: K-A-2 is not a lobby).
White: L is the case where the player wins immediately after dealing the cards.
Lost: A player who has not played a single card while another player has played all their cards will lose. This person will be punished for losing 2 times the bet and will have to check the cards and count the number of "pigs" and "rows" left on the cards for additional punishment. The person who ate the frostbite was the one who came the most.
Ruin: This is the case that occurs at the end of a game when someone has run out of cards first. Those who come last, if they still have "Pigs" or "Goods", will be punished. The winner is the person who comes first.
Burn 3 Spades: A way of playing where the player will play the last 3 spades of his hand and win.
Rules for playing Tien Len at Dream99
Regulations on tight 2 and tight rows
Three Pairs of Pines can be cut down: 1 tree 2 or three smaller Pines.
Four Quarters can cut down a smaller 2, Double 2, Three Double Pine or Four Quarter tree.
Four Double Pine can cut down a smaller 2 tree, Double 2, Three Double Pine, Four Quarter or Tu Doi Pine.
Rules for winning white on Tien Len Mien Nam Suwin
Win immediately after dealing (no need to play), when the player has a special set: In the starting games:

Four quarters 3
3 pairs of pine trees have 3
In other games:

Four precious pigs
There are 2 four quarters
5 pairs of pine.
6 pairs of pine.
6 for any number
13 cards of the same color 4 or (also known as of the same suit or of the same suit)
Dragon Hall (from 3 to A). The flower dragon hall is the strongest
If there are 2 people at the table

If the player reaches white, only one winner is counted, this person is the one with the higher card set. If there are 2 players at the table with the same combination of cards, the person with the higher Ace will win.

Tien Len is an attractive card game and is loved by many players at the card game portal Dream99. Hopefully through this article I have helped you understand better about choosing this card game. Also, don't forget to join Tien Tien at Dream99 today to receive attractive offers


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