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Townhome Living May Be The Perfect Choice

Typically townhomes are built on a small plot of land in a neighborhood development, with multiple floors, designated parking spaces or garages, and a shared wall with another home (or homes).

And, in most cases, brand new Calgary townhomes are regulated by a homeowner’s association that sets the rules for the community and is responsible for maintaining some or all of the exterior and shared property.  Each owner in the community is a member of the homeowner’s association and pays a monthly or yearly association fee to help fund these activities. Here are five advantages of living in a townhouse to consider before purchasing your next home.

1.Townhome Residents are Landowners

A townhome and the land it sits on is owned entirely by the homeowner. This small plot of land gives the owner a place to walk a little dog, grill outside or even have a small garden. And, townhouse associations often include lawn maintenance and landscaping in the monthly fee; a convenience for those with an aversion to yard work will appreciate.

2. Townhome Owners Are Responsible for Maintaining Only the Interior of Their Homes

Maintenance of a townhouse requires considerably less effort than a single-family home. Typically, in a townhouse community, the homeowners’ association handles external maintenance and ensures a uniform appearance among all townhouses in the neighborhood. The owner is responsible for all repairs and basic maintenance of the interior of the townhouse. The homeowner’s association is also responsible for maintaining parking lots, shared driveways and other common areas.

3. The Proximity of Townhome Neighbors Makes for a Secure Community

Because resistants of townhomes live close together; neighbors tend to get to know each other and feel a sense of protectiveness over each other. Therefore, townhome communities often have enhanced security over single-home communities because neighbors will watch for any unusual noise or activity. Also, townhome developments are usually well-lit, and some even have a security gate.

4. Townhome Residents Share Common Areas and Amenities All Maintained by the Homeowners Association

Many townhome communities feature amenities and common areas, which contractors hired by the homeowners association using association fees, maintain. These amenities may include playgrounds, pools, tennis courts, dog parks, clubhouses and other recreational areas.

5. Townhomes are Often Less Expensive than Single-Family Homes in the Same Area

Townhomes have the same financial advantages but are generally less expensive than single-family homes in the same neighborhoods. Townhome owners also tend to pay lower utility bills because the townhome shared walls help prevent heat loss. And, there is possibly less out of pocket maintenance costs with a townhome than a single-family home.


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