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Topic name- Minimalist yet Unique: Simple Mobile Covers that Make a Statement

While cleaning your phone screen is an excellent ritual, you should also shield your phone from life’s little casualties, like accidentally dropping your phone on the sidewalk. A protective phone case and screen guard can help your phone from getting pesky scratches, cracks or, worse, being destroyed. Most importantly, a phone case isn’t just functional if you’re slightly clumsy; it can also be a practical investment.

Gone are the days when phones have esteemed an exception and unusual possession among people. Now, nearly every person we know has a phone, and why would they not? They’re fairly accessible, acquirable at diverse prices and have their set of customers as per preferences. Given the current decade has seen a diversity of phones entering the scene, one must also know how to safeguard them for longer shelf life. This is why one needs a mobile cover. There are a plethora of options to fit the precise way for all mobiles. Depending on your preference and the sizes obtainable to your phone, you can effortlessly access and buy the correct case, either at a mobile cover physical store or online. Let’s get started and delve into a few happening mobile cover kinds available today.

Transparent silicone cover – If you’re looking for something light in weight, basic and yet a mobile cover that doesn’t take down the beauty of the phone, then this sort of silicone or transparent mobile cover just might be the precise mobile cover for you. They are soft and flexible and provide reasonable protection for your mobile. It’s wise to use this phone with a tempered glass screen cover because the mobile cover will protect the back of your phone, but the front screen of your phone is still at risk without tempered glass.

Plastic cover – The most familiar mobile cover type is plastic. They’re easily accessible and trustable by numerous people and deliver good armor and security. They fit rightly, stick to the mobile, yet come with a sophisticated and sleek matte finish. These plastic covers are available in different colors and designs as well. However, their durability depends on how well you handle your phone because these covers are prone to scratches and are quite slippery, hence can easily break.

Rubber/Silicone Cover – The rubber mobile cover is one of the most popular. The rubber/silicone fabric is resistant to scratching, although it can lose its shelf life in a few months and may start tearing apart from sides or corners. Nevertheless, they’re a fair bargain and come in multiple colors and designs.

Flip cover – The flip mobile cover is the most renowned case for a full and wholesome cover. They deliver all-around protection to your mobile and have an inbuilt protection layer inside it. Flip covers come in diverse price ranges and are mostly manufactured with leather. Though they provide excellent protection, it makes your mobile feel heavier and takes away its natural charm.

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