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Top Three Investment Options in Chennai

The real estate market in Chennai is not as bad as in other countries. Real estate in Chennai passed the test, and This is mainly due to the fact that downtown real estate is managed by consumers rather than gamblers. With the development of the suburbs to meet the housing needs of a growing urban population, residential and commercial real estate are showing signs of improvement here.
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Guduvanchery is located on South Main Street. It is considered to be one of the most promising suburbs. The area is connected to other cities by buses and trains. Urapakkam; Surrounded by areas such as Vandalur and Kattankulathur.

The current rates for homes in Chennai here are an average of INR 3200 per square foot. Guduvanchery is a good investment option for those who want to invest as real estate prices continue to rise here Flats for sale in Delhi. The preferred style for apartments for sale in Chennai, Guduvanchery is 2 BHK, followed by 3 BHK. The preferred budget range for accommodation here is between INR 20 to 30 lakhs and then INR 10 to 20 lakhs. Smaller units are preferred here as apartments from 751 to 1000 sqft are preferred here.


Sholinganallur is a prominent area south of the city. The area is located on the old Mahabalipuram Road, which is considered to be the IT hub of Chennai, so there are many information technology / information technology companies here. This area is considered as a good place for rent because it is a place where IT people live. Current rates for apartments for sale in Chennai average INR 4800 per square foot.

The preferred unit sizes for the apartments here are between 751 and 1,000 square feet. Then there are the 1001 to 1250 square feet. 2 BHK is the priority apartment structure here. Then 1 BHK. 1 BHK is generally easier to hire workers. The preferred budget range for accommodation here is between INR 30 to 40 lakhs and then INR 40 to 50 lakhs.


Perambur is located north of Chennai. It’s called Anna Nagar. Surrounded by places like Villivakkam Kolathur and Madhavaram. Most places in northern Flats for sale in Chennai are popular with downtown home buyers.

Very cheap compared to the south and west of the city. The current rates for apartments in Chennai are INR 5300 per square foot, the average available here. The preferred budget range for accommodation here is between INR 30 to 40 lakhs and then INR 20 to 30 lakhs.



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