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Top Strategies To Help You In Writing Concept Paper For A Project

A concept paper is a rough draft that maps out the research project a student intends to complete in future. It relates to convincing its readers that a research project is worthy of doing. But students always get confused while writing up concept papers. This article will help you by sharing strategies for writing concept paper effectively and competitively.

How Do You Write A Good Concept Paper?

A concept paper is the one that researchers write up before starting a project. They write up to state what the research is about and its methodology. They even exhibit the importance of the research for academia, the target audience and the society as a whole. In fact, a concept paper serves as a building block of the complete proposal and research project. The aim to denote the significance of writing a concept paper is to develop an interest in its readers and derive potential solutions for the research. Moreover, it aims to identify whether a certain project is fundable or not.

Students use concept papers to either get grants or attract the expertise of the experts in their domain of idea. A researcher can write up a good paper by following the below essentials:

Identify The Topic That Best Matches You

A researcher should outline all the topics that best match his interest. The topic could be anything, but it should fall in a specific academic discipline and subject area. For instance, a student enrolled in a public administration degree should opt for management, governance or administrative issues. Students should choose concept paper topics after consulting with their instructors and seeking guidance from expert researcher. The aim is to identify whether a certain topic is researchable or not.

Write Research Questions And Develop Hypotheses

Students should write every question that exhibits gaps in prior most relevant studies. They can find out these gaps from the methodology and limitations of the study. By identifying research questions that can be explore-able, they can develop hypotheses that affirm or rejects them. Hypotheses development will aid in your full research project in writing effective discussion and conclusion. Still, you have the option to buy dissertation online in case of any confusion or issue.

Outline The Methodology

After finishing writing research questions and developing hypotheses, students should outline the methodology. The methodology entails what type of research approach, philosophy, and technique the researcher will explore on a given topic. Moreover, it will aid the researcher in data collection and analysis as well. For instance, if a research topic allows collecting numeric data to answer the research questions, the researcher should opt for a quantitative research study.

  • Interpreting Data

Researchers should denote how they will analyse the gathered data in the study. They should frame proposed conclusive statements as well.

What Are The Five Elements Of A Concept Paper?

The five elements of a concept paper are as follows:

Project Vision And Scope

The first element entails outlining a project vision and scope. This element is vital as it identifies how and where the research project and funder’s vision and scope align or intersect. The aim is to convince and enthral funding bodies to support the project. The researcher states them in the introduction section of the concept paper. The researcher should address the novel approaches to be opted for doing research.


It involves what the study aims to accomplish. This element comprises of the goals, objectives and research questions. Moreover, it identifies the study’s contribution to the academic discipline, profession and community in general.


This element involves a proposed time in which a study gets completed.

Project Description

This element comprises of literature review and methodology. The literature review section involves a critical assessment of the prior research studies in their topic area. The methodology section outlines how a researcher will complete a study using research methods and techniques.

Budget And Contact Information

This element requires researchers to outline the requested budget for the research project. Researchers should write their contact information to access the budget from the funding bodies.

What Are The Strategies To Write A Concept Paper?

A concept paper is generally two to three pages long. To write up an impressive concept paper following are the strategies a researcher should follow:

Discuss The Rationale

The rationale or significance is noteworthy in writing concept paper. The decision of funding bodies relies on the rationale of the concept paper. The more significant the rationale of the concept paper is, the more chances there are of getting the desired funding. So, researchers should not neglect to discuss the rationale in writing concept paper.

Research Questions

In writing concept paper, research questions outline the direction of the study. They exhibit what the study aims to explore and expand knowledge. Moreover, the effectiveness of research questions largely determines the quality of concept papers. So, researchers should write clear, concise and researchable research questions.

Methodology And Procedures

Researchers should exhibit the methods and techniques they will use in completing the research. They should outline the proposed methodology precisely. The mentioning of the methodology and procedure in concept papers helps funding bodies to determine the valid approaches.

Potential Impact

Researchers can use the strategy in writing a concept paper to exhibit a real-world impact of the research. The impact determines how the research will influence people’s lives. It denotes how it will contribute and expand knowledge in the field of research. Moreover, it is important to maximise your chances of getting funds for a research project.

Citation And Referencing List

The most important strategy in writing a concept paper is to present an in-text citation and referencing list in the required manner. To avoid mistakes, students should first identify the requirements for formatting, citation, and referencing lists for concept papers. This information will help students write concept papers in a format and structure as needed by the funding bodies.

Final Thoughts

A concept paper is a valuable draft of writing that maps out the final research project. It helps researchers formalise their rough idea and make them a reality by finalising the research. By writing a concept paper, the student explores a topic and contributes findings in a particular subject domain.



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