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Top Small Pet Birds

The best things can be found in small packages, and tiny pets can make excellent companions. They’re generally less difficult to take care of than larger species of birds and are more peaceful due to their dimensions. But they’re full of personality.  Do Birds Have Sex Certain prefer to be with other birds, while others prefer to be kept in a separate space provided they receive plenty of human interaction. Below are eight sought-after small birds that can be kept as pets.


Finches are great for people who enjoy watching birds but do not want to be around them. They can be a bit snarky but they do appreciate the company of other finches and prefer humans over them. Finches that are pet-friendly typically live in small groups of three or five. They require a large cage within which they can fly since that is their only space to exercise. There are a variety of finches, such as the Zebra finch, Gouldian finch as well as the society finches.


They are native to the Micronesian islands The canaries are famous for their beautiful color and gorgeous songs. Similar to other members of the finch family of birds, these tiny birds aren’t a good handlers. With enough practice, they could be able to sit on people. Place a canary in a large flight cage especially if there isn’t another secure space to fly. It is also common to keep canaries in separate cages because they are territorial.


Budgerigars also referred to as parakeets or budgies, are birds of small size with large personalities. They are among the smallest parrots, they come in a wide range of colors. They also are able to be taught to speak. These intelligent birds require plenty of playthings and interaction to keep them entertained. If you’re not spending sufficient time playing with your pet think about getting at minimum two pets to avoid the loneliness


Parrotlets are also known as “pocket parrots,” don’t think about how small they are. Similar to their cousins that is the massive-by-comparison Amazon parrot Parrotlets are known to be comical, bold personalities, and they are prone to attracting attention. They require adequate handling since they have an image of being insecure if not properly trained. They’re also very active birds and are required to spend a lot of time outside the cage on a daily basis.

Bourke’s Parakeet

Bourke’s parakeets are typically gentle birds. The Australia natives tend to be close with their human companions and can enjoy being with peaceful birds, including Do Birds Have Ears  finches. However, their gentle nature may cause them to be a target for larger predators. They’re moderately active, but they’ll still require some time in the open air each day.



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