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Top Reasons You Should Stop Using PDF for Business Content

PDFs have been around for quite some time. They are undoubtedly beneficial in some situations, but it is critical to grasp their limitations. 

When should a PDF be used? They are ideal for keeping a digital receipt when shopping online  or for preparing a document to send to the printer.

However, PDFs have a number of drawbacks. Thus, it is pivotal to know how to use a pdf to png converter to convert pdf to png.

For digital business material that you want to distribute, such as proposals, white eBooks, ABM assets, papers, and so on, it’s high time to transition to a format that takes into account current criteria such as measurability and responsiveness.

According to SalesForce, 84 percent of customers feel a company’s experience is as vital as its products and services. And there’s no denying that the material you create plays an important role in how each customer perceives your business plan.

However, few companies are well suited to their content experience, preferring to follow what they know, like old pdf files.

Admittedly, implementing new technology may be intimidating. However, this piece will make a clear and convincing case for why the world must move on from PDFs once and for all And started using a convert pdf to png for their file conversions.

The drawbacks of utilising PDF for business content

Drawback 1: PDFs are not mobile-friendly.

Documents written for desktop or print will be exceedingly difficult to utilise on a mobile device, necessitating zooming in and panning about. In today’s mobile world, your audience doesn’t want to waste time looking at everything that doesn’t fit their screens.

Drawback 2: They need many steps to gain access.

PDFs must be downloaded before viewing because they are offline documents. This is already a hurdle for desktop users, but for mobile users, downloading files remains an almost foreign operation that necessitates the use of a file manager software and a third-party PDF player.

If you want to save pdf as png, you can use a pdf to png converter.

In a world where every ounce of friction represents a missed opportunity, these additional processes can cause many consumers to leave your hardware before it  even starts.

If you want your audience to engage with your material, you need to make it as easy to access as possible in as few steps as possible. This entails utilising a format that does not need the user to exit his or her browser.

So, you can change pdf to png using a convert pdf to png.

Drawback 3: It is impossible to measure reader involvement in a PDF.

PDFs are absolutely incapable of collecting data. You can see how many times a PDF was saved from a landing page, but you have no clue what people did with it after that. 

It is impossible to tell which subjects and sites users found interesting. It’s impossible to tell what type of links they clicked on. 

When you use PDF files for business information, you create a huge black hole in  customer journey data – an empty space where you have no intelligence. Therefore, it is recommended to use a convert pdf to png to change the format of the document and not face any issue.



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