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Top 5 Ooze Products for CBD!

In addition to the fact that we live in a society that is persistently stressed, CBD’s success has also been attributed to its adaptability. CBD is available in a variety of forms, including CBD tinctures oils, wax, CBD Drinks and food.

It’s essential to have the tools for each consumption style available so that your clients may fully benefit from this variety.

If you haven’t already, there is one very crucial reason to join the CBD frenzy. Because CBD is not psychoactive like THC, consumers don’t experience extreme euphoria or a loss of consciousness.

Because of this, almost anyone may use it and find it valuable, greatly expanding your consumer base.


The Ooze Novex Vape pen  has a Preheat Mode that heats without the need to push a button for 15 seconds. With a few button clicks, users may choose between three different voltage settings to select the ideal temperature for their concentrates.

Please be aware that leaving devices charged overnight could result in internal damage. They advise charging their battery for no longer than 1-2 hours. Additionally, since wax atomizers could jam in the chamber, they advise staying away from them.


Their silicone-glass hybrid pieces, which range from chillums to bongs, are the ideal way to consume CBD flower, which is becoming more and more popular.

These items were created to accommodate both flower and concentrates, so they are the ideal complement to CBD’s adaptability.

Even with CBD, taking medication can become monotonous, so having one piece that enables users to switch it up is a breath of new air. Not to mention, they come in a variety of fascinating forms and patterns and are colorful.

silicone-glass hybrid pieces


A high-grade storage container is required for premium CBD flower. If these things are only going to be stored on a shelf and go bad before being utilized, there is no use in spending money on them.

When it’s time to smoke, the Ooze Prizm silicone glass stash jar offers the ideal climate for keeping CBD nugs fresh. The terpenes and flavors are preserved because the flower only comes into contact with the glass.

The interlocking lid and silicone sleeve work together to make an airtight seal. For short-term storage, the pop-top vial or little jar that the CBD flower was initially packaged in works just fine. However, the Prizm is the best option for long-term storage and travel.

Silicon Glass Storage


Ooze is thrilled to reveal a handful of their own variants of the increasingly popular portable dab straws! A portable device called the Pronto electric nectar collector vaporizes CBD concentrates without the use of a fire.

Taking a dab whenever, wherever, has never been simpler. A dab straw fits right into a wax container; there’s no need for a dab tool, saving you the trouble of trying to handle sticky concentrates properly!

Customers who already own and adore their own Ooze vape pen and batteries may turn those batteries right away into nectar collectors with the Ooze x Stache Connecters.

This accessory can be inserted into the battery like a cartridge and used as a dab straw by simply dipping it into the container.



Additionally, all of the Ooze vapes and batteries are fantastic choices for CBD users. CBD oils with delicious fruit flavors go great in Slim Twist pens.

They provide them in every color imaginable so that user can construct rainbow displays that will enthral vape enthusiasts everywhere. CBD wax experts will love their unusual Gusher Globe vaporizers. For those who put those first above all else—they all know those people—they build enormous clouds!

ooze Cape Pen

Their Drought dry herb vaporizer transforms dry CBD flower into vapor to satisfy their consumers who like to treat medical conditions in an entirely natural way. This is an excellent tool to provide CBD users who wish to remain undetectable but still enjoy the full flavour of the natural herb.

Along with stocking up on various CBD tools and accessories, it’s crucial to guarantee the quality of the CBD goods you’re selling. There are a tonne of wholesale CBD products available that don’t live up to their claims.

They frequently don’t contain a significant amount of CBD, and many of the CBD products haven’t undergone adequate testing. It’s crucial that you only carry high-quality, FDA-approved CBD goods and brands in your business because CBD consumers are aware of this topic and are knowledgeable about it.



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