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Top 5 Most Visited Coupon Websites in the US in 2022

Some of the most popular coupon websites are Coupons.com, Smarts Saving, Groupon, DontPayFull, and SlickDeals. If you’re interested in locating local offers, Coupons.com may be the place for you. It’s been around for years and offers digital coupons from both physical and online retailers. You can search for deals by ZIP code, and print coupons in-store or online to redeem them at checkout. The website has an app, and can also be linked to your bank or credit card for cashback rewards.

Smarts Saving

In addition to the traditional paper-based coupon, shoppers are using mobile devices to find and redeem Smarts Saving Coupon Code. Most consumers spend $10-$50 more than they expected when using mobile coupons. A survey revealed that over 49% of mobile users use mobile coupons to save money. Smartphone users accounted for half of the mobile coupon users. And a third of mobile coupon users said they would use the coupons via email.


For the past six years, Groupon has steadily decreased the number of employees it employs, but this year the number of employees will take a huge plunge, falling by 33.7% in nine months. According to the annual report, 88% of British consumers have heard of Groupon, with 40% having a positive opinion of the company and 36% having a neutral stance. A recent study by YouGov revealed that Groupon is more popular with women than with men.


Founded in 2012, DontPayFull is an online coupon website where consumers can find discounts and promo codes for their favorite stores. The site lets you search by brand or category for the best deals, and when you find a deal you want to use, you can copy the code and go to the retailer’s website to claim the discount. You can also filter results by discount amount and potential shipping costs. The site also has a blog that gives tips for saving money on travel, food, and more.


Coupons.com is one of the most popular coupon websites, offering thousands of digital coupons for both online and physical retailers. The site asks for zip codes to find local deals, as well as generic offers from big retailers. Users can print coupons or use them online, and can link their credit or debit cards to earn cash back. The site has a mobile app that lets users share their saved coupons with others.


While RetailMeNot may be the undisputed king of coupon sites, it’s important to keep in mind that there are many alternatives. The CouponX site and BestyBesty website both offer similar attributes. Using your imagination, you can find a better alternative to RetailMeNot. Here are 12 of the best alternatives to RetailMeNot that offer similar benefits.


Coupon sites that focus on Southerners are a great way to save money. Southern Savers, an app and website, offers deals from restaurants, clothing stores, and big box stores. Southern Savers also features a frugal living section and a coupon lingo section. Currently, Southern Savers is the most popular coupon website in the U.S., with over 1.5 million members.

The company is dedicated to helping consumers save money, so it limits its offerings to only the top 300 deals. Deal News also supports charitable organizations like the ALS Association and Red Cross, so their users can feel good about their purchases. The company also has a mobile app called DontPayFull, which automatically redeems discounts on purchases with your credit card. This is another reason why Deal News is destined to become the most visited coupon website in the U.S. by 2022.



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