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Top 5 Most Rare Animals In The World

Have you ever been to see an Giant Panda? Most of us have heard its name. adorable and appealing animal. But did you know that Giant Panda Is one of the top extinct species? IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) released an extinct animal list which includes around 5400 threatened species live in their homes. This means that those endangered species are on the verge of being eliminated from the planet.

It’s not just a risk to the animals but it also affects the whole ecosystem. If you are able to pinpoint the root of this massive issue it is likely that humans are the main responsible for this. It is therefore our responsibility to raise the consciousness of the masses in order to save the critically threatened animals. Let’s look up the 5 most endangered species in the world that are on the top of the extinct species lists.

Amur Leopard

Amur Leopard, commonly referred to by the name of Far East leopard or Manchurian leopard, or Korean leopard , is most prominent among the animals that are in danger of decline. It is classified as Critically Endangered in 1996 by the IUCN. Amur leopard was first discovered in 7-12 in the North-east of China as well as 20-25 numbers in the South-eastern region of Russia. It’s distinct from other leopards by its wide-spaced rosettes, with large borders and long legs. The most shocking facts concerning Amur leopard is that it has 80 percent of its territory was destroyed in just 13 years. Apart from illegal poaching for its stunning flora, Conflict with humans, vulnerability population size and breeding is the primary causes of the extinction of the species. Conservation of forests, anti poaching and awareness by humans could save this magnificent creature on earth.

Sumatran Rhinoceros 

Sumatran Rhinoceros is two hornedRhinoceros. In the present, less than 100 Sumatran rhinos exist across the globe. which is why it is one of the species that is endangered of the most rare animals around the globe. The Sumatran rhino is the smallest rhino species. They are currently severely endangered, and there are only six large populations across the entire world, including four on Sumatra One on Borneo and another in Malaysia’s Malay Peninsula. It has been declared an extinct in Malaysia from 2015. Horns are sought after for use as medicine within China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore and for ornamental purposes these species are poached with brutality. Loss of habitat as a result of agricultural conversion to forests and human habitation, and declining genetic diversity are other factors that have led to the loss of the Sumatran Rhinoceros.

Greater Bamboo Lemur

It is likely that this is the only type of mammals that are expert in the consumption of bamboo. Greater bamboo lemur can be distinguished from other species of lemurs because of its distinct white ear and tufts. The species is also known by its name, the broad-nosed bamboo lemur, or the gentle lemur with a broad-nosed. South as well as central east Madagascar is the primary habitat of the Critically endangered animal. At present, just 500 individuals living in around 11 sub-populations. The biggest dangers to this species include slash and burn farming, illegal logging, mining, cutting bamboo, as well as hunting with the use of slingshots, snares, and sling.

Snow Leopard

Based on IUCN the snow leopards are among the species that is critically endangered since 2003. It is currently located in the mountains that lie in Central as well as South Asia. They are able to run with their legs that enable them to jump up to fifty feet (15 metres). The Snow Leopard is also renowned because of their long tails that are very well covered with fur. This lets them use it as a blanket to protect their faces during sleep. The change in climate of the mountains poses an enormous risk to the snow leopard. In addition to hunting, habitat loss and vindictive killings are other reasons of naming the snow leopard in endangered. Top 30 Pets with Low Maintenance

Western Lowland Gorilla

Western lowland gorillas, the thinnest and lightest subspecies of gorilla is located within Lowland tropical forests in central Africa. Forests in Congo (Brazzaville) can be being considered to be the main habitat of this critically endangered species. They are mostly herbivores, because they consume fruits leaves, leaves, bark and decayed wood. Therefore, the rapid loss of rain forests in central Africa particularly in the Congo basin as a result of exporting timber is the major reason behind the rapid declines of Gorillas of the Western Lowland. Alongside this, hunts and Ebola virus pose the biggest dangers to this rare species.It is possible to share this information with others in order to increase awareness and sa

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