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Tips to Enhance the Looks of Business Reception Area

An impressive reception area can create a positive first impression when welcoming visitors and clients. The space you welcome visitors and clients into needs to be warm, welcoming and aesthetic.

The first thing a client would see is your reception area if; it appears to be gloomy, unorganized and uninspiring; this can convey that you are not a well-organized person. Your representation of the reception area can be a clincher between the deal or no deal with new clients. It may act as a conversation starter before getting down to real business.

You would like to consider these powerful reception area ideas that can be implemented easily to make it look attractive.

Use appropriate lighting

When it comes to lighting, pay attention to the decor of the area. If the reception area has bright colours, it is better to opt for white and strip lights whereas warm sidelights and bulbs can appear too warm and homey.

Halogen bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps and light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs that offer long-lasting light can be used to eliminate excess power consumption.

If there are broken bulbs, get them fixed since they appear shabby.

Have an Attractive Decor

You can add value to your place by choosing luxurious products.

Decorating the area with artistic objects paintings on the wall, vase, indoor waterfalls, and antique pieces can enhance the look of the place. Make it look greener by placing indoor plants to refresh the air.

People’s moods are affected by the environment they’re in. Have a comfortable sofa set for them to sit.

Offer Something to Drink

The area must be installed with a coffee or tea machine or a water cooler. Sometimes the visitors have to wait for a longer time, and they can feel thirsty. Make these beverages available for them so that they can sit and wait comfortably. This will create a positive impression on your visitors that you are a welcoming person.

Free Wi-Fi and Charging Station

Visitors must be provided with the access of the internet; your guests may need to scroll through their phones or complete an important piece of work while waiting for you. Free Wi-Fi for guests will be greatly appreciated.

Also, place the charging switches near the seated area, making it easy for guests to charge their phones, laptops etc.

Offer Entertainment & Reading Materials

Generally, people are engaged in their phones most of the time when they have to wait, but it is always good to have magazines, newspapers and other books for them to read.

You can place LCD on the wall for them to watch in case they do not want to read. This will help them pass their time; you never know what will catch people’s interest and distract them from waiting.

Play Soft Music at a Low Volume

Sometimes your guests can be bored by the TV serial playing on the TV or a local radio playing undesirable songs. It is better to play a couple of songs on your music system through a music app that will soothe their ears.



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