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Tips to Choose the Best Laundry Service Pickup and Delivery

There are many things to keep your home in good condition, like walking the dog, picking up the kids, working all day, and cleaning the house. Even laundry has to be done.

The average person spends about hours a week doing laundry, which is about 260 minutes. To break that down further, it takes about 30 minutes to get the laundry ready, 170 minutes per week to wash and dry the clothes, and 60 minutes per week to fold and put away the clothes. That’s a lot of time spent doing laundry. Hiring a laundry service can be a great way to get some help during a busy week.

So, don’t expect to type “laundry service pickup and delivery near me” into Google and find 5-star reviews. Here is a guide for first-timers on how to choose the best laundry service.

Who Is Taking Care of Your Laundry?

Even though it’s nice to think that having your laundry service pick up your clothes is a safe and easy way to get them to look better and be cleaner, there’s a good chance they could be mistreated. So many laundry services try to do a lot of clothes quickly and cheaply. This means that you might not care as much about the things you own.

Make sure you know how experienced the people who do your laundry are and if they go above and beyond to give your clothes the care you want. You can read up on the team and look at reviews to see if they care about providing extra consistent care.

It’s more important to ensure your laundry is in good hands than to pick a basic pickup laundry service near your home.

Loss and Damage Policy

As you know, potential new laundry service providers ask about any policies they might have for damage or loss. Many dry cleaners deal with many clothes daily, so it’s easy for them to mix up your order or ruin an item.

Knowing these rules is better before you need to use them. If you don’t give accurate, detailed cleaning instructions or if the item of clothing doesn’t have a tag, you might not be covered if they don’t clean it right or damage it. This is especially important when you dry clean nicer things like your wedding dress or comforter.

Options for Pickup and Delivery

Spending money instead of time on dry cleaning and tailoring can be a good idea if you have a full-time job, kids, and a book club to run or if you hate doing your laundry. 

Make sure the dry cleaning service you want to use has reliable delivery services. Read reviews about drop-off laundry services near you and ask the company questions like, “What times are you available for pickup and delivery?” “What are the rules for your delivery service?” “How much does dry cleaning cost?” “Is there a limit to how much you can take?” “Do you charge extra for dry cleaning?”.

Detergents and Special Needs

You probably know what chemicals you use in your home, but what about when you pay someone else to do your laundry? This can be very important, especially if you have kids, people with chemical allergies, or sensitive skin in your home. You don’t want to forget to ask and find out too late that the chemicals the laundry service uses are dangerous for you.

When choosing a laundry service that offers delivery options, this is a great question. Get a full list of the chemicals they use for dry cleaning, and ask your doctor or a dermatologist if they are safe.

Follow these steps the next time you search for “laundry company near me” to ensure the laundry service around the corner doesn’t trick you.



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