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Tips for Making a Clothing Statement on a First Date

The online flirting and teasing have finally paid off and you are set to meet for the first date. This is usually a nerve-racking experience for the woman and the man. It becomes more nerve-racking when both parties need to make an impression to have a relationship that shouts more than just hookup. When plans are set for the initial date, care needs to be taken to make the best first impression.

That first impression inevitably involves a clothing statement. Babes you meet online while seeking brides dating will undoubtedly hope for better clothing than surfing slippers and beach shorts. The idea is to leave a lasting impression and one that calls for future dates, not ridicule.

What’s in a Statement?

You’ve been sending pics, videos, and naughty texts for a month or more, and now need to meet. The clothing statement should not only speak of you, it should mirror the impression you gave while flirting. Here are a few tips for making a clothing statement on a first date.

Dress Decent

Whether you are a lady or a gentleman, be sure to dress appropriately. When meeting for the first time it is crucial to keep things tucked in and tidy. This involves not showing too much cleavage nor should men be showing nipples through tank tops. The idea is to remain decent and represent you using more than just physical attributes.

When dressing for the first date, that clothing statement should be made with formal attire. However, formal attire can sometimes be as revealing as informal or casual wear. What is important to remember is what is shown and what remains hidden. Revealing too much skin makes a statement that perhaps should remain unsaid, until further notice.


In some instances, culture can impede a lot on that first impression. Even as you pursue that first date with online brides dating, it is important to remember cultures. For instance, some Asian cultures might not appreciate revealing clothing or certain colors. Others might prefer a lady who’s fully clothed and covered rather than wearing tights or even trousers.

With cultures come small details one needs to focus on. For instance, you might find that wearing a hat is normal and even cool during meet-ups. However, most traditionalists prefer not to wear hats at the table, during dinners, and especially formal ones. Thus, keeping a hat on during that first date may not work very well moving forward. These intricate details should be researched before heading out on that first date.

Avoid Statements

Avoid at all costs making statements with clothing on the first date. It means do not wear politically oriented t-shirts or religious ones either. When you meet for the first time, there is little chance of you uttering these words anyway. You would not bring up religious beliefs or try to shove them down one’s throat; or would you?

Religious t-shirts can send the wrong signals, especially on that first date. If you feel strongly about Jesus, or happen to be a Muslim with die-hard ideals, keep these notions dormant on the initial date. You will find out soon enough how religious your partner is and the attire can be worn then.

Bottom Line

It is essential to know which words are worth uttering on the first date, but attire might be more important. That first impression that clothing makes is tantamount to future dates. If you cannot get the attire right it might ruin any chance you had of securing further dates and a potential future mate. Keep things simple with a Polo shirt or skirt below knee length and you only have to worry about which restaurant to go to next. 



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