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Tips for Boarding the Plane for the first timers

Since the navigation inside the airport has already been worked on in one of the previous articles, this article is mainly about how to board a plane. A few small tips to ensure a smooth boarding of the aircraft is essential for people to know. Especially first-time passengers experience difficulties in boarding the flight after the navigation within the airport.

  • It is essential to wait for the sign which announces that the boarding to the plane has started. About thirty minutes before the flight is scheduled to take off, the gate attend will hit the green button and announce that the boarding has begun. Boarding is usually done in sections. It is done either by groups designated with a letter, or by individual seating in rows/seats. The boarding pass will generally include your section id. If it is not indicated on your boarding pass, wait for your row or section to be called out along with your name.
  • The first class travellers always board the plane first. The first class ticket holders are the next to board the plane. People with infants and disabilities are given priority entry before anyone else. The economy class passengers usually board the plane last.
  • A small, but a crucial tip to remember. Always try to board as early as possible so that you can get enough space to store you’re in hand luggage. In case you enter late and the overhead bins to store luggage are already full, you will have to check your bags which is a tedious and time-consuming process. You might have to go back to the luggage check-in counter, which in some airports, are bound to be at least ten minutes away from the aircraft. This could be avoided in most cases; you can also choose to keep the luggage on your lap if you are unable to store in on the luggage rack above. The Delhi to Chennai flights schedule boasts of a lot of air traffic, hence you are bound to be able to buy your ticket in any one of those flights.
  • Getting your boarding pass checked is vital when it comes to travelling by plane. After waiting in line for the boarding, gate attendants will be waiting at the entrance to cross-check your boarding pass with his list. You will not need to show your id card to this gate attendant in case you are making a trip to a destination within India. Your boarding pass shall be scanned and you can move on to the next step. You have to show your passport in case you wish to travel to an international destination. Keep your boarding pass in your hand as you might have to explain it to the on flight attendant who might cross-check your boarding pass and tell you in case you are on a wrong plane. These types of incidents rarely take place.
  • Swiftly walk down the long hallway that leads to the plane. At most Indian Airports, there are bus shutter vehicles that take you from your boarding gate till your plane. Ensure you are closer to the exit of the bus so that you can get into your plane much faster.


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