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Three Ways to Lay Out and Install Knotty Pine Flooring

Knotty pine flooring looks both rustic and stylish in any home décor including conventional, log, modern, or cottage. If you want a real wood floor in one or more rooms, then try tongue and groove with the end-matching system. This material and design provides many benefits:

  • More cost-effective than hardwoods
  • It is easier to sand, install, and finish than most woods
  • The colorful knots and creative grain is gorgeous
  • Knotty pine is durable and stable

It is advisable to put tile or stone on the floor in a 3’x3’ or 4’x4’ area in front of each entry door. This will protect the flooring from tiny rocks, sand, or other harmful materials found on the soles of shoes and boots. 

Installing Knotty Pine Flooring with Equal Length and Width Boards

The traditional way of installing knotty pine is using equal length and width boards all running the same direction and parallel to the longest wall. This layout is the preferred way because its aesthetic looks provide the best results. They can also run at 90 degrees to this wall or installed at an angle such as 45 degrees. 

The direction of floor joists is generally not a problem when the subfloor is durable and sturdy. An exception might occur if some of the floor joists are sagging and the subfloor dips down in places. This issue must be corrected before the subfloor is complete. 

Installing Knotty Pine Flooring with Unequal Length or Width Boards

Another favorite way to lay out knotty pine is by using either unequal (random) lengths or widths of boards or both. You should think about each individual room to make sure the overall home flooring plan looks cohesive. Each row needs to be the same width with lengths that can vary. The next row can be a different width with varying lengths to create your design. 

The beauty of using tongue and groove flooring with the end-matching design is the board ends lock together as well as the sides. This bonus keeps the butt joints from separating and rising up. This is a super benefit if you ever decide to sand the floor and refinish it because the floor stays flat. 

“Knotty pine flooring looks both rustic and stylish in any home décor                 including conventional, log home, modern, or cottage.”

Installing Knotty Pine Flooring in a Diagonal Pattern

Another optional way of installing knotty pine flooring is placing the pieces in a diagonal pattern. This design adds interest and charm to any room without varying greatly from a straight pattern.                   

  • This pattern adds a strong visual impact to the room
  • You will notice the space feels larger and longer
  • It can infuse the room with energy
  • Can be used to create a focal point in rooms
  • Equal or random lengths and widths of boards can be used

Diagonal flooring can de-emphasize the walls and draw attention to the corners of rooms. This is appealing when you install a corner feature like an alcove or wood-burning stove. Some homeowners like one or two rooms with a diagonal pattern to provide contrast to a straight or parallel floor in the main room. 

The Conventional Way of Installing Knotty Pine Flooring

Installing knotty pine flooring is best left to professionals with a lot of experience and a great reputation. (You can do the work yourself if you understand the whole process, are skilled, and use the correct tools.) Assuming the floor joists are level and the subfloor is laid correctly, your pro or you are ready to tackle the project with these steps:

  • Decide between unfinished and finished wood planks.
  • Choose the layout pattern, select the knotty pine flooring sizes, estimate the amount of materials, and place your order.
  • Once the flooring arrives, put it in the rooms where it will be applied, and let it adjust to the climate for a few days.
  • Determine the starting place and lay a row. (This process is the same for hardwood) Nail each piece in the starting row to have a solid base to work from.

The balance of the steps is explained well in this article from HomeGuides.

Purchasing High-Quality Flooring at Fair Prices

High-quality and hand-inspected knotty pine flooring and baseboards can be ordered online from The Log Home Shoppe. Our service is personalized and our prices are fair.

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