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Thorough guide to CSGO accounts

If you have just started your CSGO journey, then you’re at the right place! We are here to guide you through; here, you will find out everything about CSGO. And, if this is your first time purchasing a csgo account, there’s no better place than this to direct you to CSGO prime accounts.

CSGO is widely known in the gaming industry; and because of its exciting features, players can’t stop playing the game! Every gamer, it doesn’t matter if you ain’t a heavy gamer you must have heard about the game somewhere, at least.

What are the benefits of having a Prime Status?

A prime account saves you from all the unnecessary hurdles; before a newbie learns to play the game till he achieves a prime status he will be facing a cheater along the way. A prime account ensures you get matched only with skilled and prime users in every mode.

With a prime account, you benefit from countless cool features such as exclusive item drops, skins, weapon cases, and cover, and much more! Also, you get to have access to all the servers run by the csgo community.

To get the Prime Status in CSGO, one must reach level twenty-one. It isn’t easy to reach that level quickly; however, you can obtain it by procuring a CSGO prime account from an online smurf store. And after purchasing the account you will see the difference yourself; you will be playing against skilled players. Most csgo prime accounts are purchased by serious players; if you are passionate about this game then the features it holds would be perfect for you!

What are the most commonly practiced hackings hackers use? How does a Prime Account counter it?

The most common illicit activity in CSGO would be Aim botting & Wallhacking. These two practices can be seen most of the time and cause damage to a lot of players’ rankings. Some even leave the midway as they get discouraged by their consistent malicious practices in the game. Hackers ruin the game and for some kill the interest for the game; therefore, many stop playing it and return!

Valve claimed to have removed all the hackers from the game; but, there are still 1/3 chances for you to meet one. Hence, it is advised to buy a prime account so that a hacker cannot mess with the rankings that you have earned by working hard. You won’t have to force yourself to stop playing the game.

With a prime account, you certainly have standardized gaming, though, as we have aforementioned you are likely to encounter one or two hackers along the way. However, that is also tentative and chances are low. If you are a non-prime user it is better to upgrade yourself to Prime.

How can you achieve Prime status?

Below are the steps to get the Prime Status:

If you have been playing this game for a long time before it even went free, your status will automatically get an upgrade. Though, in any case, if you haven’t had your phone linked to your steam account then you are likely to get rid of the Prime status. Not to panic, as you can link your number again, however only after waiting for 6 long months.

One thing to remember here is that only your phone number is linked to your csgo smurf accounts. This means you can switch over to new accounts as per your requisite. Buying an account demands a no. connected to your account, therefore, ensure to have it linked.

If you do not want to splurge money on an account then you can play till you reach level 21. 

Can I get rid of the Prime ‘status’ from my profile?

Sadly, there is none! Once you have facilitated the Prime status in your account there’s no going back! You can buy csgo account from CSGO shop.

Once you get the hang of it, you can go for csgo accounts with medals. They are perfect for a player since they do not require grinding a player. You will get all the benefits that come along with it, as well.



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