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This will boost your Facebook likes.

You’re in the market for leads, and I do too. Facebook has over 2 billion active users and over 50 million small-business pages. Many leaders are available regardless of whether your company sells B2B or B2C. Leads are generated by building an audience.

The most reliable way to prove that you’re gaining a following on Facebook is by getting users to join your company’s page. If they like you, they’ll be able to see your posts in their feeds, and their friends will too. Suppose you’re providing quality informational, educational and informative content. In that case, it will (hopefully) generate more curiosity about your services and products and encourage people to connect with you, come to your website, and (hopefully) purchase.

How do you gain more fans for the Facebook profile you have? There are a variety of ways to accomplish this organically. But that’s not the subject I’m going to focus on today. I want to show you seven excellent applications and tools that can aid you in reaching your goals. My company focuses on increasing the number of likes we get in the coming year of our page on Facebook (hey, please like us!). To achieve this, we’ll utilize these tools. I’ve already set an account in my budget to accomplish this. My goal next year is to tell you how things went click here.

Another thing to note is that there are numerous great programs in each category. I picked these applications based on suggestions from my clients and friends and some essential investigations. Could you not believe me as the truth? Do your research. I will not try to derail any other method that might be better for you.

Management and Analytics

It’ll require one application to serve as the center of my efforts. That application will comprise Agora Pulse. Content is the most important thing, and I plan to distribute it on all my social media channels, not just Facebook. When I write new content for my blog and other media, I’ll utilize Agora Pulse to distribute. There are a lot of apps that offer this service. However, Agora Pulse strongly emphasizes both Facebook and several good reporting tools for measuring engagement. I’ll use this application to plan my posts and analyze reactions and interactions to ensure that I can pinpoint the type of content that resonates with most people in the future.

Promoted Posts

This is a Facebook service that is vital. The social media coordinator for me chooses specific posts to promote (like the one below), and we’ll pay between $5 and $20 each time I upload. Promoted posts will appear higher on my timeline and, hopefully, shared so that other people in their circles will be drawn to my profile and follow me on Facebook.


I write a lot, so I’m not concerned about creating content for my page on Facebook. However, sometimes I want to relax somewhat and write less. This is when I’ll use Post Planner to publish content via my website by a variety of keywords as well as other search criteria that I specify in advance. Post Planner is the next most effective option if you’re not a prolific writer but want to create a steady stream of relevant content. I’ve got some clients who are raving about it.

Contests and Charities

As I said, I’m saving money to fund this year’s Facebook advertising. I plan to host one monthly contest and give away anything from gifts to gadgets. I’m also planning on running some games where I’ll donate money to some of my top charities whenever people send me their likes. Woobox will handle everything for me. It can be used to create custom forms collecting data, then providing questions, collecting visitor information, and, more importantly, urging users to share their page with friends. Woobox provides giveaways and coupons as well.


I’m only planning to sell one item from my page on Facebook (one book I wrote, In God We Trust and Everyone else, is Cash-Paying). I know that Perfect Audience would be better if I were more engaged in online shopping. It’s an effective technology to allow visitors to revisit my website (or my site) after having been there before by retargeting ads towards them. Perfect Audience will allow me to achieve this by delivering ads on Facebook to a particular group of people using a variety of factors.



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