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The Watermelon OG Strain You Should Try

If you are looking to buy terpenes, then the Watermelon OG strain should certainly be one you should try. The calm and concentrated effect it creates makes it a popular choice for artists and people who want to get the conversation started. It is often used to aid sleep though it will not put you to sleep immediately, but rather relax you.

How was the Watermelon Strain Born?

This Indica-dominant strain was born when strains such as the Skywalker OG, OG Kush, and the Strawberry Kush were crossbred. Another strain may have found its way as well. All of them are known for being Indica dominant so it is no wonder that Watermelon OG too is. You can expect a high THC content too; it is about 22%. This explains the strong relaxing effects it has on users.

What are the flavors of the Watermelon OG Like?

It will remind you of grapes and berries. There is also pungency, earthiness, and the smell of the tropics. Of course, it also smells like watermelon considering that is where it gets its name from. The herbal smell is punctuated by a lightly fruity and watermelon-y smell you are going to love.

What Do You Feel After Using the Watermelon OG?

When you buy terpenes, knowing what kind of effects they are going to have on your body is a good starting point. If you are a Sativa lover, you can expect all the usual effects with this one. The most important thing to know therefore is that you will feel relaxed and calm. The stress is going to evaporate without making you go to sleep immediately. If you are feeling down, it will lift your spirit and make you feel euphoric. Giggling is another effect vape enthusiasts talk about this strain. The high-quality relaxing effect is also going to be succeeded by hunger so keep foods nearby.

Buy the Watermelon Strain Near You

Some users will grow the strain themselves with seeds. But if you want to buy terpenes, then make sure you buy from a renowned supplier. The Watermelon OG strain will not be hard to find. Use it when you are in the mood for relaxing and watching a show on television. It will help you concentrate yet calm. People also enjoy using it with other vape enthusiasts and enjoying conversations that can lead far.


Is watermelon OG indica or Sativa?

Watermelon OG is an Indica with soothing and relaxing properties that works well as a sleeping aid or hunger stimulant. This strain has a juicy watermelon flavor characteristic, as its name suggests.

Is Watermelon strain strong?

This strain is known for its long-lasting calming efficacy and refreshing summery flavor. The THC concentration of watermelon is between 11 and 22%.

Is Watermelon Zkittlez a good strain?

The best part about Watermelon Zkittlez isn’t the flavor but the incredible effects it provides. This potent blend relieves pain and nausea and calms the entire body. It begins with a head rush and progresses to an unfocused euphoria.



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