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The used cars program has been launched by Toyota PH

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has announced that it is continuing to expand and strengthen its used vehicle program to meet customers’ growing demand for reliable and flexible mobility options. You can check if the Toyota Philippines price list has changed due to its announcement here.

The enhanced T-Sure program provides an alternative for consumers looking for safe vehicle purchase options without compromising on quality, value, safety and service excellence. 

T-Sure will now be the brand that will be used in Toyota dealerships, which provide quality used cars to their customers.

TMP’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, Masatoshi Toiya, explained the name change, saying, “The ‘T’ stands for Toyota and ‘Sure’ denotes reliability. This new brand name sends a strong message that customers can shop with confidence when dealing with a T-Sure dealer, whether they are trading in used vehicles or buying used cars.

After 10 years of running the used car program, TMP sees fit to drive further growth by improving the operational efficiency of the Toyota dealer network and addressing the concerns of car buyers used.

Well integrated into Toyota’s business, the T-Sure program has a well-established systematic operation of assessment, refurbishment, valuation, certification and warranties to ensure the vehicle is in good condition. quantity of each unit.

Key improvements include the expansion of T-Sure dealers nationwide, which can make barter offers and sell used cars. All stores now accept exchanges, while T-Sure retail locations have increased to 29 points by September 2022. TMP aims to have 33 T-Sure Retail agents by the end of the year.

T-Sure improved its product offerings, with its three types of products at varied price points to better fit customers’ needs and budgets:

Toyota Certified Elite, T-Sure’s premium product with a one-year transmission and engine warranty, can be claimed at any Toyota reseller nationwide; Toyota Value Plus, with a 3-month engine and transmission warranty, can only be claimed at the dealer; and Toyota Value Lite, which have no warranty, but follow the same rigorous standard vehicle verification process to ensure the quality of the vehicle when shipped from the dealer.

Customers are also assured of a fair price as TMP uses the T-Sure used Car app with a built-in pricing engine that displays a real-time price range of different car models, based on quality levels. and local market prices.

To help customers stay within their budgets, they can also benefit from an affordable financing program through TFSPH, which offers a much-improved affordable package for all T-Sure vehicles. , which now has a longer payment term and extended coverage up to 9 years old. In addition, competitive Toyota Insurance and Service Packages tailored to the needs of used vehicle customers can be used in conjunction with the purchased T-Sure unit.

TMP’s T-Sure program is rooted in Toyota’s commitment to quality, durability and reliability, as well as its philosophy of building customer satisfaction and loyalty. Likewise, in line with Toyota’s overall vision of “Creating Mobility for All”, the T-Sure program is part of Toyota’s value chain that aims to provide everyone with another way to get a Toyota: buy a used car without sacrificing quality.

As part of its business strategy, TMP aims to expand its customer base through the T-Sure program by rewarding customer loyalty with the best offer when they sell or trade their vehicles. themselves and attract customers who need quality cars the opportunity.

For the benefit of customers, the T-Sure program provides one-stop access to Toyota products and services (for new vehicles, used vehicles, after-sales services), making it easy for them to transact. with authorized Toyota dealers and experience the same transparency. and great customer service.

Toiya shared that the used car industry in the Philippines is still in its infancy, which is why Toyota sees great potential to tap this market. 

In addition to providing quality Toyota used cars, dealers also source existing Toyota customers wishing to upgrade their vehicles by trading or selling their vehicles. Customer vehicles for sale or exchange will be appraised by trained and accredited appraisers. Results will be shared transparently to ensure Toyota owners receive fair value for their vehicle.



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