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The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Lawn Care Company

Over one in three U.S. homeowners who own a yard say it’s one of the most crucial areas of their abode. Almost the same percentage reports it as a must-have in a new house.

So, if you have a yard or a lawn yourself, lucky you, as you get to connect with nature. That can benefit your health by reducing blood pressure and stress.

Thus, it’s also imperative to choose a lawn care company to help care for your outdoor space.

The question is, how do you select one?

Keep reading, and you’ll learn what to consider when hiring lawn care professionals.

More Than Just a Mower

Mowing is a vital lawn care practice, as it controls grass growth and ensures proper turf height. Both promote photosynthesis, helping grass blades get as much sunlight as possible.

That’s why it’s essential to mow your turf weekly. Otherwise, the grass may grow too long, leading to impaired photosynthesis. That can ultimately result in turf disease and death.

However, you shouldn’t hire professional lawn care services for weekly mowing alone. Instead, go for a company offering expert fertilization and weed and pest control.

Lawn Fertilization Specialists

Fertilizers replenish the soil with plant food like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. However, that doesn’t mean you should apply it in excess.

That can cause the soil, plants, and trees permanent damage. Too much fertilizer can also kill beneficial microorganisms. Moreover, the excess nutrients can mix with storm runoff, contaminating water bodies.

Thus, it’s best to choose a lawn maintenance company specializing in fertilization. Pros avoid fertilizer misuse as they know how much fertilizer is enough and when to apply it.

Weed Control Experts

About 3% of the 250,000 plant species worldwide are weeds. They can quickly overrun your lawn since they sprout faster and can root deeper. They can then compete with your turf and garden plants for light, water, and food.

That’s another reason to avoid over-fertilization, as it encourages weed growth.

Luckily, lawn care experts can help through pre and post-emergence weed control methods. Click here to learn more about these services.

Lawn Pest Management Professionals

Many lawn pests, like grasshoppers, beetle larvae (AKA grubs), and chinch bugs, feed on plants.

Grasshoppers destroy plant tissue by directly eating them while grubs feast on roots. By contrast, chinch bugs suck up plant fluids with their needle-like proboscis. Either way, they can wreak severe damage to your lawn unless you control them.

However, it’s best not to rely on pesticides alone, as their misuse can lead to more problems. That includes detrimental effects on the skin, eyes, or nervous system. Some anti-pest chemicals also disrupt hormones, while others may even be cancerous.

Lawn pest control utilizing non-chemical means is one of the best ways to avoid such woes. The good news is that reliable lawn care experts offer such services, so factor this in as you select a provider.

Hire the Right Lawn Care Company

There you have it, the guide that can help you hire the best lawn care company for your needs. And as a final tip, make sure you work only with a licensed and insured company offering free estimates. You can then use the latter to determine how much you can expect to pay for their professional services.

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