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The need of online proctored exam in today’s time

Are you planning to hire a new candidate but time and location are constraints? If yes then certainly this is the right place where you have landed up. Understand the fact that hiring a candidate while making sure his skills and abilities matches as per the companies’ expectation, then your focus should more be on creating a strong form of assessment. The purpose of such online recruiting process should be to assess the candidate irrespective of the location. For this there are some new technologies to blend with your hiring program. The purpose of such software and tools is to secure your assessment solution and make sure the candidate is not able to cheat at any point of time.

How to make the right use of proctored exam:

Proctored exam is nothing but the assessment that is being organized with the integration of proctored software. The purpose of proctored software is to protect the paper from getting leaked. Another reason why it is advised is, the evaluator gets an ease to assess the candidate irrespective of the location. It is an ultimate solution for an employer to make the investment in hiring program without being worried on whether the candidate would cheat and you hire the wrong candidate in any manner or not.

What is proctored software?

This type of software is important for any business to grow for a fact that it helps the evaluator to hire the members or say the candidate who are genuine about the skills and knowledge which they have mentioned. This software is deigned with some mind-blowing features and facilities due to which, it becomes convenient for the employer to understand if the candidate can be called to the next round of interview or not. The purpose of designing and using such tool is to ensure that the recuriting manger gets a clear idea about the candidate simply by conducting the exam for them no matter in which location are the candidate’s residing.

Understanding the advantages associated with it:

Online proctored exam is a value for money solution for the employers in many ways. Talking of which, such typo of exam helps the candidate to be sure about their capability, how genuine they are towards the job profile for which they have appeared for the test, and their dedication for the organization and its progress. Other than this, there are many advantages which a candidate can make the right use of such as:

The evaluator can take the exam no matter in which location is the candidate

The proctored tool is easy to install and use. The moment candidate appear for the exam, the evaluator has to just put the credentials and share the candidate with the same details so that the proctored software gets activated and the evaluator is able to catch the whole screen live of the candidate.

The tool helps to record every single movement that a candidate does right from the desktop changes to his movement to other area and this way, the person can know whether the candidate is genuinely working up or he is trying to copy from any source.

It is quite easy for the evaluator to have a look at the different candidate at one time since it also offers multiple screening facility. This way, it saves ample of time and money of the employers and the candidate and the decision of the hiring can be announced soon after the exam gets over.

Of course, it is one great platform for the candidate as well, since it gives a clear idea about the reputation and the standard along with the company’s expectation. This somehow also contributes in creating the brand image of the organization due to which there are more chances for the candidate across the globe to apply in your organization as and when the requirement comes up.

How to create a proctored exam:

As per the profile you need to create the exam but to get it secured with a proctored tool, you need to speak with an expert for the same. The purpose of such tool as stated above is to evaluate the candidate during the exam and have a time line set in which the candidate is expected to finish up the exam. With such tool, of course, it becomes possible for the employer to compare and even shortlist amongst the best of the candidate at the same time itself. The need of proctored exam has increased quite a lot in today’s time because of the way competition and fraud risk have increased. So it is always better to get a review from those employers or companies who have been using such tool and know if it can really prove helpful for your organization or not.

In the certification field, such type of exam has been quite trending. There are so many experts who always have been looking forward to get the professional certification or get selected by the reputable company without any hassle. And this is when your company can invest in such solution and offer the candidate to appear for the exam without any kind of hassle. It simply works with a webcam and software that a candidate has to integrate as advised by the employer.

Now that you are all clear with the concept of such exam, go ahead and create the tool that would not just help your organization to grow but can also help you get better results in terms of company’s establishment with the best team of candidates working with you.



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