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The Little Caterpillar Nimmersatt by Eric Carle

Who doesn’t know them from their own childhood: The little caterpillar Nimmersatt! Whether big or small, world heaviest snake everyone tells or listens excitedly to this story, which Eric Cale launched more than 50 years ago.

EDIT: On 23.05.21 Eric Carle died at the age of 91 years.

Caterpillar Nimmersatt: The origin of history

Eric Carle associated a great love with nature, which was shaped by his father. He also experienced times during the Second World War in Germany when the family had hardly any food. Thus, the scenery of the story of the little caterpillar, in which food plays a major role, as well as nature, was not created exclusively in his imagination but is based on his own experiences, which he lived through in his childhood.

The importance of the book for children

Children are quickly familiarized with the story of the little caterpillar Nimmersatt. The reason for this is a short action with sequences and repetitions. These series of stories are already loved by children in the first years of life and make it easier for them to acquire language skills.

Carle’s closeness to nature, which is reflected in his books, sensitizes the children in their own dealings with nature and for perceiving it at all. Equally characteristic of book processing is the punch holes. Children love to drill their fingers through. They playfully experience the caterpillar’s will to develop insatiably.

Why does the little caterpillar Nimmersatt fascinate young and old so much?

Eric Cale told the Gerstenberg publishing house:

“If you ask me about the popularity of my books, I say openly, I don’t know what the decisive success factor for ‘The Little Caterpillar Nimmersatt’ is. I suppose most children can identify with the helpless, small, insignificant caterpillar, and they are happy when the caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly. It is possible that there is a message of hope in it: I can also grow up. I can also spread my wings (my talents) and fly into the world. These are questions that concern children all over the world: Will I grow up one day? Will I be able to contribute my skills as an adult?”

A product selection around the small caterpillar Nimmersatt

For all caterpillar lovers, there is of course also a selection of great products with corresponding motifs.

In keeping with the anniversary, the classic is currently available as a limited special edition.

We also do not want to withhold from you other books that are lovingly designed in the design of the little caterpillar Nimmersatt. For the very little ones there is a feeling book and a few months later the picture dictionary or the edition “Where is the little caterpillar Never tired?”.

Fitting for Mother’s or Father’s Day: What do you think of a book for mom or dad? Or maybe a kindergarten friend book? Every age group really gets their money’s worth here.

Invitation cards for the next children’s birthday party, best for carrom board lunch boxes, children’s cutlery, a cup for young and old and plenty of craft fun are of course also provided.

Speaking of handicrafts: On the website of the Gerstenberg publishing house, there are numerous instructions and downloads that are certainly a lot of fun!

Experience Eric Cale personally in his studio

“I’m completely out of the world when I do my art when I do my books. (…)” (I’m in a different world when I do my work and create my books.” A man who loves his work and gives children a great gift. In this video, you will experience the likable artist Eric Cale behind the scenery



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