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The Impacts of COVID-19 over Citizenship by Investment

The pandemic Corona Virus (COVID-19) forces all citizenship to go online through investment services.

The Difference between Citizen & Resident

When you first look at the choices and go through the different ways to find cheap economic citizenship, you may find that there is a distinction between being a resident whereas being a citizen of the country. A citizen with a visa will be equated to a green card. You can live in a country for a specific period; in that country, you are a legal alien, not just a tourist anymore!

At the same time, becoming a citizen means you can lawfully acquire a passport from that country. You may unrestrictedly exit and re-enter its boundaries. You will vote in local elections, too. Looking through the law’s perspective, both you and anyone who was raised as a citizen is considered equal. While a resident might one day be removed from the country, a citizen has the same natural rights, and can therefore not be removed.

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What Is Citizenship By Investment?

Investment citizenship is the method of acquiring a second nationality and passport by participating in the host country’s economy.

Did You Know?!

You can even buy citizenship by investment online without visiting the region. Comfort provided by citizenship through investment programs that operate legally in 10 countries. This means you can buy a passport simply from the convenience of your home online.

This shopping concept became the cornerstone of the Citizenship Store when our online platform became launched.

What Changes Have COVID19 Brought?

  1. All citizenship units have confirmed that agents will file applications online, with no hard copies to survive the global pandemic effect.
  2. Oaths that have now been approved publicly or in a written document without the physical presence of the person.

 Benefits of Citizenship by Investment

  • Secure in a dual nationality
  • Buy real estate in return for citizenship
  • Family members can become citizens
  • Fast track Investor Citizenship
  • No visit required / online ordering

Why You Should Obtain A Second Passport?

While this may not be something that everyone has considered before, there may be several reasons for someone wanting to get a second passport or obtain citizenship in a different state. There are several advantages of obtaining a second passport which can be both cultural and economic.

  • More International Options: – Having more business, residence, travel, and bank and investment options in places you couldn’t have before. That means more options resulting in more freedom. This practice opens the doors to internationalization in premises that may have otherwise been deemed off-limits.
  • Drastic Reduction in Your Taxes: – This is the top-most reason for many people to search for another passport because it could significantly reduce your tax burden. You might find you pay very little to no taxes at all. Most nations across the world have significantly smaller tax rates than those in the west.
  • International Travel (Free of Cost):- A second passport allows you more travel freedom. Not only to the country whose passport you possess but also to the countries which align with that country. No visa applications or months to wait before you can travel anywhere in a country required!
  • Tons of Family benefits – This may not be relevant to everyone, but if one person is granted citizenship, it may benefit other family members simultaneously. They may be eligible to live in the country freely, and may ultimately apply for citizenship.


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