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The evolution of knowledge in sports

Piaget (1932) studied two aspects of knowledge that emerges from a set of rules, recognizing the social reality in which rules are passed down from generation to generation: first, the practice of judi bola gila rules, the effective application of policy rules to children of different ages; And second, the meaning of rules, how these children first represented ritual, sacred or decision-making roles, developed from diversity to autonomy in the rules of the game.

From his research, he identified four stages, which represent practical knowledge of the rules:

Before you show up at Apple in general, keep in mind that there is no such rule. And in this religious game at first it becomes purely a motor and personal game. One can only speak of motor rules, which are influenced by the symbolism that permeates children’s motor schemes. Sequences of behavior also lack continuity and direction, but the behaviors used by these children are quickly schematized and even become habits.

Then personal customs and symbolism emerged,

Creating agen 139 slot the necessary substructures or conditions for the development of collective rules and codes, but not an adequate situation. It is the sense of responsibility that separates the rules from the regularity of elements of respect or obedience that do not fall under common practice.

Egocentric level from 2 to 5 years

It starts from the moment the child receives a codified rule example from the outside. Then, through verbal exchange, the child begins to socialize, but because he cannot keep up with the adult, he isolates himself.

This is the level of rule development, each child sets different rules without any vigilance between them or fixing each other’s rules. Children play for themselves, they have different goals and they will definitely get motor pleasure.

The potential contribution is visible.

At the age of seven or eight, there were already concerns about mutual control and the integration of rules, but there were still many doubts about the general rules of the 무료스포츠중계

It also requires mutual agreement with other participants in the game, ideas for winning, ideas on how to beat others. However, they still do not know the details of the conditions, because they cannot legitimize the various possible cases. All they do is copy the most knowledgeable and play a simple game.



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