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The Benefits of Biotix Pipette Tips Are Now Available to Users

The benefits of biotix pipette tips are now available to users, as they are now disposable and feature the Super Slick Surface S3 on plastics. These features eliminate tip touch-off and minimize user error. Here’s a look at these products. XTIP Low Retentive Pipette Tips are ideal for Rainin LTS pipettes, and they offer other great benefits to users.

Disposable Pipette Tips

Biomek tips have been developed to deliver superior accuracy in sample dispensing. The tips are manufactured using the highest standards in automation, so they target the center of microplate wells with extreme precision. To determine which tips are compatible with which pipettes, users can view the uTIP compatibility chart. Users can also request a free sample. Biotix provides free samples for their customers.

Unlike the standard glass or plastic-based pipette tips, Biotix disposable pipette tips feature patented FlexFit Technology, which minimizes the volume of residual sample in the tip, improving precision. These tips are available in various volumes and are certified to be free of DNase/RNase, Pyrogens, and PCR inhibitors. The uTIP tips feature an improved blade point for better sample recovery and improved data quality.

Pipette Tips Come in a Pre-Filled Stackable Rack

The pipette tips come in a pre-filled stackable rack. These tips are generally made from polypropylene and do not require manual emptying. The tips are strong, durable, and have transparent lids and bases. They are also packed in polyethylene zip-lock bags for superior protection against contamination. The utmost care is taken in manufacturing these pipette tips, and biotix continues to innovate the product line and meet the needs of its customers.

As a result, Biotix disposable pipette tips have improved user comfort and safety. The pipette tip mounting shaft is more easily inserted and removed than ever before, and the tip mounts with little axial force. Furthermore, pipette tip mounting pressure is less than a pound, which minimizes the risk of repetitive motion injuries. As a result, users are more likely to perform accurate and safe procedures.

Another improvement in Biotix disposable pipette tips is the enhanced reusability of the rack. The new rack design and reinforced racking allow pipettors to pick them up more easily. They also preserve all the necessary features. Finally, Biotix disposable pipette tips have an SBS footprint and are compatible with multi-channel pipettors and robotic grippers.

Super Slick Surface S3 on Plastics

The Biotix pipette tips offer flexibility, a low retention resin, and an extremely fine tip. This combination results in less force required to attach and eject the tips. Unlike many other brands, these tips can fit a wide variety of pipette types. The positive stop technology helps reduce cross contamination and ensures accurate measurements. The flexFit design of the Biotix tips ensures that they will fit the largest range of pipettes.

The S3 pipette tip is made of the third generation Super Slick Surface polymer. This polymer system produces a microscopically uniform surface, virtually eliminating sample holdup. The improved pipetting accuracy makes S3 pipet tips compatible with more than a dozen different plastic pipettes. S3 pipet tips deliver volumes within 0.1% of indicated volume. In comparison, standard polymer tips deliver volumes within 0.7% of indicated volume.

Independently Tested and Certified

For accurate aspiration, a precision liquid handler is a critical component in advanced liquid handling systems. Biomek pipette tips are certified RNase-, DNase-, DNA-, and PCR-free and are produced using premium virgin polypropylene to minimize leachable components. The non-conductive tips enable visual inspection of aspirated volumes and ensure consistent dispensing across all tip configurations.

Whether you’re performing sensitive assays or preparing samples for testing, Biotix automation tips provide unparalleled precision and accuracy. These tips are compatible with most pipette automation systems and don’t require modification to programming scripts. They’re also compatible with standard automation software program definitions, so there’s no need to worry about compatibility issues. And because each tip is manufactured under strict quality control standards, Biotix pipette tips are guaranteed to be accurate on the platform for which they’re intended.

Final Thought:

As with any other medical device, pipette tips undergo rigorous sterilization and cleanliness procedures. Manufacturers ensure that pipette tips are completely sterile and free of endotoxins before they’re packaged for sale. High-quality pipette tips also adhere to strict cleanliness guidelines and sterile bulk packaging, so users can feel confident knowing that their sample is in the safest hands.



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