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The advantages of color cable tie

Cable ties today can be found in a range of colors however, what are the different types of cable ties that are colored and what colors do you need to choose? This informative guide explains the benefits of colored cable tie.

What are colored cable tie?

We are AGM Electrical Supplies, our assortment of color cable ties are made using exactly the same 6/6 nylon used in our natural and black tie. This means they share the same properties and characteristics of their more sluggish cousins which include the Tensile Strength and operating temperature range of minus 40degC up to 85degC (minus 40degF-185degF).

What colors do cable ties come in?

Our nylon colored 6/6 cable ties come in eight colors: blue green, red, purple, yellow, orange silver, and brown. We also provide neon cable ties available with fluorescent blue as well as fluorescent green, fluorescent orange, fluorescent yellow along with fluorescent pink.

Colored cable tie

Cable ties with colors are the best solution to secure cables in order to be easily and quickly recognized, as well as for marking the individual cables. Network cables can also be organized by a color cable ties based on their location or server.

However, there are many other reasons to use colored cable ties. They are especially useful in the purpose of highlighting one particular key in an array of keys. If you are giving duplicate sets of keys to others for instance to a dog-walker or cleaner or dog-walker, a colored cable tie can help them not have to join your keys with their own.

Cable ties in brown and green cable ties are great in the garden. They are used to secure climbing plants as well as fix fences made of wire without being too obvious. Silver cable ties are a good option to connect hub cap caps.

In the season to attach a flower or red nose on your car red cable ties are fantastic! A sign of danger, red cable ties are also utilized to protect you from fire and emergencies.

The fluorescent cable ties we offer are great for use in dark places in which easy identification is needed and the wide range of hard to miss colors is essential to alert people to risky situations. They are also a great part of a craft day and can be used to create a stunning, vibrant creation. Apart from being offered in a range of sizes and lengths and lengths, our cable ties color may also be customized for additional identification. Printing is possible on all of our color cable ties with the option from text and numbers only and numbers or only number and the text color may be white or black. Cable ties printed with colors are a great way to advertise your company, but be aware this: on certain colors, the printed message might not be as obvious as it is on other colors.



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