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The 7 Best Places to Buy Dresses Online

Whether you’re looking for a simple midi for everyday wear, a figure-hugging mini for date night, or a dazzling ballgown for a milestone event, there’s a dress for every occasion. Dress shopping online has never been easier, with various designs and shipping choices available, including curbside pickup and free shipping.

You may peruse the season’s freshest options from the comfort of your own home rather than spending hours in the changing room under unflattering fluorescent lighting. Here are the top 7 places to find the dress of your dreams.

  1. Nordstrom

Nordstrom is where you’ll find all of the latest, on-trend brands with bold and casual looks. Its numerous navigation options make navigating through the 11,500 dress inventory a breeze. Filter by brand, color, length, material, sleeve length, style, and occasion (maternity, work, vacation, casual, and more). Nordstrom has budget-friendly selections and designer duds on sale, making it a great location to Buy Dresses no matter your budget. You can get complimentary gift wrapping if you pick up your online order in-store.

  1. Old Navy

Looking for a simple dress to go to breakfast or something to throw on quickly before leaving the house? It’s called Old Navy, and there’s a store for it. The classic all-American brand has always been a go-to for basics like sweatshirts and hoodies, but its dresses have become increasingly fashionable in recent years.

Search by category, such as swing, waist-defined, and shift, or browse the dedicated women’s plus section once you’ve arrived at the main dress page. If you can’t wait for your item to come in the mail, place your order online and pick it up in two hours or less in-store or curbside.

  1. Anthropology

We appreciate Anthropologie because of its varied designs, both visually and physically boho and festival-chic. While the store is known for its boho-chic home decor, its clothing, particularly its wacky outfits, is also magazine-worthy.

Browse the lefthand side of the dresses landing page for everything from plus-size dresses to short white dresses, then refine your search by sleeve length, color, dress length, and more. On each product page, the “Complete the Look” column can help you see how you can make an entire outfit out of your dress.

There are also many wedding gowns available. Look for themed weddings, such as a beach or black ties if you’re a guest. If you’re the bride or a bridesmaid, visit BHLDN, Anthropologie’s sibling site dedicated to wedding gowns, dresses, and every bridal accessory you can imagine.

Because Anthro is more expensive, you might want to join AnthroPerks, a free loyalty club that gives you free delivery on orders over $50, members-only discounts, first dibs on new arrivals, and a birthday surprise.

Target’s nearly infinite supply of everyday staples and cheap fashion finds rarely disappoints. And what about the outfits? Ideal for adding essentials and color combinations that go with everything to your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

The giant retailer is there to help you with your dress shopping experience: Color, size, style (think empire waist or tunic), neckline, pattern, and more are all available. While Target has a significant plus-size clothing selection, you’ll have to head to a separate department that’s similarly easy to navigate—and easy on the eyes and budget. When shopping for dresses at Target, the unedited photographs of regular consumers wearing their goods are extremely helpful in imagining how they’ll appear on you.

  1. Macy’s

Shopping for dresses at Macy’s is not only convenient but also enjoyable. Explore the 6,400 possibilities available at the department store in various ways. Begin by choosing categories such as wedding guest, job, going out, and more on the main dress page. You’ll be prompted to check off even more particular components on the lefthand side, such as mother of the bride or prom. Macy’s Dress Refresh area includes an eye-catching montage of what’s trendy with helpful styling ideas if you want to shop for the latest trends. Plus-size dresses are also easy to locate at Macy’s, where you’ll find everything from sporty to refined styles.

What’s excellent about Macy’s is that it has “it” brands like Calvin Klein, Kensie, and Tommy Hilfiger that are on the affordable side, so you can feel confident in your dress without spending hundreds or thousands.

  1. Madewell

Madewell dresses come in floppy, breezy designs with plenty of breathing room and patterns and colors that lean toward androgynous—vertical stripes, cargo, and plaid. With over 100 styles to choose from, the collection is large enough to satisfy even the most discerning dresser while remaining manageable.

Once you’ve arrived at the dress’s home page, you can sort by casual, denim, midi, and more, selecting your chosen length, color, and material (Madewell’s patented Airyterry and Superbrushed materials consistently earn positive feedback). Don’t know what to get? The company brings the IRL shopping experience to your house with complimentary video conversations.

  1. Amazon

Without Amazon, where would our closets, indeed, our lives be? The retail behemoth may be most known for its toilet paper and food, but its fashion assortment is equally impressive. The dress’s landing page is divided into three sections: categories (such as casual and cocktail), featured deals (new product discounts), and lightning specials (which expire in two to six hours to inspire you to act fast). When looking for a dress, read the beneficial reviews—and heated ones—on Amazon.

Don’t be put off by the high-end labels; Farfetch’s Pre-Owned department, which sells authenticated pre-owned designer items for a fraction of the retail price, is attracting attention. Farfetch, in particular, promotes vintage shopping as a way to lower your carbon, water, and waste impact. The shop has even created a helpful calculator to show you how much you can lessen your environmental impact with each pre-owned purchase.

What’s excellent about Macy’s is that it has “it” brands like Calvin Klein, Kensie, and Tommy Hilfiger that are on the affordable side, so you can feel confident in your dress without spending hundreds or thousands.



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