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The 6 Most Common Packaging Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

We all know custom packaging is crucial for businesses to attract customers and set their products apart from their competitors, but not everyone can do it right.

From awful designs and excessive use of plastics to wrong labeling that misleads customers, there are countless mistakes companies make when designing their packaging. Even little mistakes can cause customers to lose trust in your brand and choose someone else’s products.

Here are 6 of the most common packaging mistakes out there that you should be aware of.

Generic Designs

While boring packaging designs won’t ruin your products or make them any worth their value, they’ll certainly fail to attract new customers and lack the creativity required to differentiate from the competition.

Consumers tend to prefer brands that can tell a visual story simply through their packaging design. Without creative designs, you’ll likely lose sales and fail to compete in the market.

Spelling Errors

A very avoidable yet quite common mistake made in packaging is spelling and grammar errors. Not only does this ruin your brand’s professionalism, but it’ll also cost a ton of money to recall that packaging and replace it.

Packaging serves as an effective communication channel for brands, so being clear and concise with your words is crucial. Make sure to create samples of your packaging and have it inspected by a team of professionals. 

Wrong Packaging Material

The wrong material can not only damage or ruin the product inside, but also show a negative reflection of your brand. Consumers these days avoid companies that don’t use environmentally-friendly packaging.

To figure out the best packaging material for your products, you need to determine what your product journey looks like. For instance, durable packaging like cardboard is a must for long-distance shipping.

Ordering Boxes Online

For businesses trying to save a buck and save time on their packaging, ordering custom CBD boxes online might be more convenient and cheaper. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy, and taking packaging lightly could be disastrous for your brand.

Without a structural designer, you might come across issues like:

  • The packaging may be larger than it needs to be, so it’s a waste of space and not cost-effective.
  • The labeling and branding elements may look faded or cheap, depending on the printing method used.
  • The packaging might not be durable enough to keep the product protected during shipping.

Improper Box Sizing

Wrong packaging size is another very common yet avoidable mistake that can cost a huge amount of unnecessary expenses. Incorrect size could also affect your product’s shelf-life.

When measuring dimensions for packaging, find the tightest fit for your product to ensure the best protection. Oversized packaging also gives off a false perception to your customers and wastes space.

Failing to Conduct Tests

The only way to ensure that your packaging won’t cause you problems is by rigorously performing tests on it. A large mistake made by most companies is implementing manual packaging techniques instead of quality control processes that leave no room for errors.

In addition, you could send out some samples to your loyal customers and ask them to provide honest feedback before giving the packaging a green light for production.



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