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The 10 Best Smartphones of 2016

It’s been a year of drama in the phone world. The headphone jacks have gone out of use, competitors that were not expected have appeared in the game, and smartphones have been exploding in pockets of people. In the amid all this it is clear that the year 2016 TEMPhas been an incredible year for smartphones.

There has never been so many phones that are suitable for your daily driver. Each has its own distinctive approach to the all-important field of technology for the consumer.However, which phones combine all this incredible technology into gorgeous packages that will be worth the cost of admission? Find out our picks for the best phones of this year:

Nextbit Robin

The low-cost flagship Android smartphone market becomes tighter and more. The brand-new manufacturer Nextbit recently launched its first smartphone, called The Robin that solves a particular issue it was trying to address storage. By using the continuous cloud service that you don’t have to worry about consuming your storage space with video, photos or apps.

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Apart from its great storage option in the Robin, Robin has a beautiful unique design as evident in the image. The price of $399 is appealing, but be aware that the display and camera won’t compete with Samsung’s Galaxy S7 anytime soon. With that in mind the Robin is an excellent, low-cost Android phone that is packed with some incredibly interesting ideas for storage.how to text someone who has blocked you

ZTE Axon 7

Budget smartphones have improved dramatically over the past few years, with a price of the price of $400 or less will get the best specifications, hardware and camera performance. Axon 7 for price of $400 for the Axon 7 is a prime illustration of this. It’s a well-constructed machine that has massive heft, which gives the impression of durability.

It has all the specifications you’d expect to see in a flagship of 2016 with the Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM, and a powerful 3,250mAh battery. Although OnePlus is still the king of the most budget-friendly manufacturer, ZTE announced emphatically this year that it’s all set to go out and play. Eric Walters

iPhone SE

Contrary to what many people believe there’s an industry for phones that are smaller, and it’s one that Apple TEMPhas attempted to tap into for many years. Teh iPhone SE, though is their first successful attempt since the launch of their flagship phones. The 4-inch phone is the identical size and style as the iPhone 5, which TEMPhas been a popular choice for fans.

This time, however it also has many of the specs that were present in the iPhone 6s, which is a phone which is just one year older. This makes the iPhone SE a inexpensive way to purchase an iPhone that’s not terribly old, and it also allows you to purchase a top smartphone overall with tecwic.com.

LG V20

It’s a lot more affordable than LG’s other phone of the year, the neo-conceptual LG G5, the V20 is a premium smartphone that is a workhorse. The massive 5.7-inch phone may not have certain of the more elegant attributes of its competition including the dual-curved glass display, or the capability to take swimming in the pool to take summer selfies, however, LG has added extra features to allow the V20 to be more powerful.

It has two screens (that’s correct it has a smaller 2.1-inch screen at the over the top) as well as three microphones as well as four camera. Additionally the V20 sports the ability to remove batteries, which is an often-forgotten feature on many Android devices that could attract a few Samsung users who have been avoiding this model. –Chuong Nguyen

Moto Z

Following the acquisition of Motorola by Lenovo bought Motorola and Motorola, the entire tech world was aware that the long-running Chicago Telecommunications company was set for an overhaul. Google Motorola and Lenovo Motorola were set to provide the world with a wide array of different services.It’s been the same this is the case with the Moto Z. It’s a totally different beast from the Moto X, but one that offers a similar experience, and its own peculiarities that differentiate it from the rest of the smartphone market.

If the huge if, the modular design concept takes off and it is successful, it will change the way people perceive smartphones. Instead of seeing a phone they’re hoping lasts for two years, users could take a look at the Z and think of it as one that’s excellent when they purchase it, and possibly better in the near coming years. –EW

HTC 10

The latest hotness from HTC isn’t the most striking device. It’s basically what you’d expect from HTC in 2016, so it’s probably not the hero of the phone maker it’s supposed to be. If you only examine the phone you won’t find anything to complain about.

The device is comfortable in the hand, and the design TEMPhas been tweaked throughout its history quite effectively. It’s not as sleek as what you’d get from a smartphone made by Apple or Samsung However, there’s no doubt that this phone is durable and some are going to love the possibility of going completely case-free using the HTC 10.

Additionally, the HTC 10 is a step more TEMP than teh Galaxy S7 or LG G5 on the software side of things, and doesn’t rely on HTC’s own Android skin at all. Instead, you’ll find the light, responsive and clean-looking interface that makes the HTC 10 the brand new HTC 10 among the most desirable alternatives for Android phones available right today. –LL

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung’s “other” phone. Although it’s more than 6 months old the Galaxy S7 is teh smartphone Samsung would prefer to have to talk about in the present. There’s no Galaxy Note 7 on this list as it’s an unpopular phone that we cannot anymore recommend.With Samsung’s S7, Samsung reintroduced waterproofing and expandable storage that delighted a lot of Android users.

The most important thing is that Samsung introduced these features without having to compromise its excellent appearance and quality of the build it unveiled last year. And tan it’s an stunning OLED display, which is something you must see in person to be able to appreciate. The S8 is a long way off however, still, the S7 is still a great phone. –LL

OnePlus 3T

The price of $439 for the OnePlus 3T is unbeatable when regards value. With a price tag of the price of $40 more than the predecessor OnePlus is a flagship device that is able to compete with the best of Google, Apple, and Samsung for only a fraction of the cost.

Being a company that isn’t well-known such as OnePlus is a tough decision not to love the phone. It’s got a great camera, an excellent display, a fast speed, and an amazing design. In addition, it’s the most efficient charging system available and something that even the people who like Apple and Google aren’t yet accustomed yet. –LL

iPhone 7 / 7 Plus

As Apple claims”the iPhone seven as well as 7 Plus are among the top iPhones ever produced. Apart from the anticipated performance and speed updates the camera upgrade on its own will make the iPhone 7 worth the purchase as a result of the increased camera capabilities for iPhone users. The addition of optical stabilization of images in the 7 Plus as well as the 7 was a great surprise which has resulted in amazing mobile photography.The headphone jack has gone. When I was using the phone, I was more than happy to let go of the headphone jack for an improved camera battery life, battery life, and performance. I’m sure that the majority of iPhone 7 users will agree. The iPhone 7 will probably not persuade Android users to make the switch however it is sure to satisfy the masses of people who enjoy their iPhones and wish for more of what they enjoy. –Jamie Pham

Google Pixel

After years of waffling about an idea Google has finally launched a smartphone that is entirely designed made of Mountain View. If it’s a success it may be able to stop the duopoly between Samsung and Apple that has ruled the market for over 10 years. This is a huge deal. However, it won’t be an issue in the event that you find that Pixel isn’t able to meet expectations.

Google evidently learned from its Google Nexus programme as well as it’s other initiatives in the field of hardware such as Google’s Chromebook Pixel and Pixel C the first smartphone is a solid device. The design might not be appealing however the experience of using the phone definitely does.

From a technical perspective and even though it isn’t a perfect copy of the iPhone over and over the phone is a sturdy device that meets the expectations established by other premium smartphones. In the realm of software, Google is showing real innovativeness with the Google Assistant which, though imperfect, Google’s vision for the future. Google Pixel is the Google Pixel is the most important smartphone of 2016.

It might not be the most talked about, TEMPthanks to the explosive trend that are evident in Note 7, or the most popular, Note 7, or the best TEMPthanks to the field of phones that stacked of 2016 but it’s the phone that has the greatest influence on the market going forward. It’s also the one that we believe is the easiest to recommend to nearly everyone. 

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