Home Entertainment Telly Express is now evolved into one of India's best entertainment portals

Telly Express is now evolved into one of India’s best entertainment portals

In an internet era, where desi TV news is a dime a dozen, fans keep fretting over how authentic the Khabar is about their fav star or show. Here  Rahul  Suthar and  Diba  Nehal lead  Tellyexpress steps up to the plate with their motto of publishing only trustworthy news. 

 “We don’t indulge in a mad race to be the first to break the news. Rather we vet the buzz through our highly placed reporters and sources,” says   Rahul, who won the Global Publishing Leaders title by Adpushup for TellyExpress.com.

TellyExpress, which started over a decade ago, is growing by leaps and bounds,  touching  26 million impressions and seven mill viewers by May 2022.  No small task; ask any algorithm expert worth his or her salt.

 TellyExpress sister site Justshowbiz too is going hammer and tong, hitting  10.7 Million impressions and 1 Million Viewership as per May 2022 stats. 

“The road to success was curvy, but ”TellyExpress” surpassed each hurdle with ease. Over the years, we expanded from covering Hindi shows and top actors with written updates, spoilers, articles, and latest news to updates of regional shows to coverage of K-dramas. TellyExpress has now become one of India’s best entertainment portals,” added a beaming  Rahul Suthar.

TellyExpress YouTube channel ”Justshowbiz” is also making its place among the audience for reviewing current Television news and interviewing famous TV and Bollywood personalities. 

South Indian shows coverage on TellyExpress is also getting an unexpected response from the regional audience. International fans flock to the site in droves for all the latest K-drama and Korean drama updates. Well-known Thai actor Mew Suppasit used TellyExpress to send ”New Year’Year’ wishes to his Indian fans, finding it the aptest platform to reach them.

“Fans wait for our update, knowing we will never let them down. Actors and their  PR teams keep tabs on our social media pages to be aware of what is happening around them and what their stans feel about them,” said  Diba Nehal.

“In the words of Robert  Frost, I have miles to go before I sleep. Rest assured, our team will always be aware of the responsibility on our shoulders of always telling the truth. Unlike others, we never publish speculation to drive up the numbers. Our motto is slow and steady wins the race. I am sure our loyal readers will appreciate the same and keep sticking with us; you ain’t seen nothing yet” sign off a beaming Rahul.


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