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Taking the GMAT Exam Online

The GMAT exam online is a computer-adaptive standard test conducted by GMAC globally, it is an essential admission requirement to get into most business schools’ master programmes, particularly for an MBA. Currently, nearly 7000 master programs and over 2300 business schools accept the GMAT scores as part of their admission criteria. Although the GMAT score is not the only criteria for gaining admissions to top-tier business schools, most MBA aspirants choose to take the exam because it helps sharpen the necessary critical thinking and problem-solving skills, something that is needed during their course of study. 

Read this article to gain more insight into the GMAT exam online and the GMAT 2022 exam dates to schedule an appointment.

Taking the GMAT Exam Online

Traditionally, the GMAT was always taken at an authorised centre that most test-takers choose at the time of registration. However, that has changed since the outbreak of Covid-19. Owing to the lockdowns amidst the pandemic, the need for an online-delivered GMAT exam, hence,  the GMAC launched the GMAT online exam. Those test-takers who would like to take the GMAT exam online at the comfort of their homes and avoid travelling to a centre can avail of this option at the time of registration by choosing the online option as opposed to the centre-delivered test.

GMAT 2022 Exam Dates

It is essential to remember that the GMAT exam is conducted all-round the year for students and professionals. Due to which, the GMAT exam has no particular date and test-takers can choose whichever GMAT 2022 exam dates they like based on the options available on the official website. However, it is essential to note that while you are allowed to take the GMAT multiple times, the overall limit an individual is allowed to take the exam is up to five times in a year with a gap of 16 days between each attempt and eight times in a lifetime. 

Essential Points to Remember Before You Take Your GMAT

A few essential points to remember before you register for the GMAT exam online are:

  1. Have your passport or Aadhar card ready with you at the time of your registration so as to ensure you enter the correct details.
  2. You must be above the age of 18 at the time of registration. In case if you fall in the age group 13-17, you will require parental permission to take the exam. 

Now that you know about the GMAT online exam and the GMAT 2022 exam dates you’re better positioned to plan when and how you’d like to schedule your GMAT exam. Remember, that the GMAT exam is a computer-adaptive test, hence, it is essential to prepare well and be familiar with the concepts tested on the GMAT to score well. With the right preparation and effective time management, you’re sure to crack the GMAT test and achieve your dream score.

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