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5 Steps To Washing Your Laundry Like A Professional

Are you curious to know how to wash your laundry like a professional? At Love 2 Laundry, we can wash your laundry and make it sparkling again. It takes a lot more than just dipping in water with detergent and rinsing your clothes before dying them. Hence, if you prefer washing clothes at home rather than leaving them to a professional, here are 5 steps to washing them like a professional:

1. Use the Right Water Temperature

In case you check the care label on your dresses, you may see the recommended water temperature on which you should wash them. In case you are handling clothes that may shrink or fade, a water temperature of 20 degrees centigrade is perfect.

Temperature around 35 degree centigrade is warm and is perfect for clothes having light to medium colors. However, 55 degree centigrade is hot, and can be used on clothes that stand greater temperatures without losing colors or shrinking. Hot water can be perfect for bed sheets, soiled clothes, sports outfits and towels.

2. Remove Stains

A few stains would never go away when you don’t remove them timely. The best way to remove stains is to rinse them using cold water before they settle on the fabric. It may depend on the type of fabric. For example, wool and silk require more extensive care. However, stains on cotton, linen or other washable fabrics are easier to remove.

People often make a mistake washing stains with hot water. In case you don’t know the nature of stains, never use hot water or wash stains at a higher temperature. Higher temperatures can easily settle stains and make the situation worse for you. Better use cold water to remove stains. In addition, don’t use chlorine-based material unless the tag on the clothes allows you to use them.

3. Add Laundry Detergent

In case you are using a top loading machine, you should dissolve the detergent in a proper fashion before immersing your laundry in the solution. Mix them properly, add water halfway to the stage, add detergent and then fill with water. Then, you may add the clothes you need to wash.

4. Keep Colors Intact

Make sure to use the suggested dose of detergent. In case you are washing darker clothes, turn them inside out prior to washing. In addition, when drying your clothes, hang them in the cloth line inside out. Never dry your clothes in direct sunlight because excessive su rays may bleach colors.

5. Soak Clothes

While soaking clothes, ensure to separate colored laundry from the white clothes. You may need to test for color fastness as a few colors may run even if left soaking in water. Watch out for materia;s like silk, polyester, silk or viscose.

A few people also make a huge mistake as they soak a part of their clothes. By doing so, results aren’t guaranteed. Finally, don’t soak multi-colored clothes with other ones. To get the help professionals, contact Love 2 Laundry and let the experienced professionals wash your laundry!



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