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Step to Check Criminal Record Pakistan by Lawyer

Check Criminal Record Pakistan by Lawyer:

If you need any information to check criminal record Pakistan by criminal lawyer in Lahore, you may contact us. The absence of valid identity documents was an obstacle for police officers to trace suspects and criminals. Without identification documents, most criminals would appear to be innocent offenders. Some would seek refuge in various areas. In the end, the law enforcement and police agencies didn’t have a system to maintain records of criminals. To check criminal record Pakistan by criminal lawyer in Lahore on a particular criminal within an extensive collection of documents on paper was virtually impossible. The PITB created an application known as Criminal Record Identifier (CRI) to solve this problem. This application utilizes the fingerprint scanner to detect the fingerprints of suspects. The CRI’s fingerprint-based identification device analyzes the suspect’s fingerprints and then compares it with an online database of fingerprints.

Data base From All the Province:

To check criminal record Pakistan by criminal lawyer in Lahore says that this central server houses the criminal database from all over the province. The CRI is installed in over 200 stations throughout Punjab. On average, 50 to 60 criminals have been identified each day from these stations. Since November 1, 2016, 107,707 requests have been made through the server, and 14,302 matches have been discovered. The CRI’s performance can be monitored using the dashboard located in the CPO and CPO monitoring rooms and the CRO office in Lahore. The dashboard displays statistics as well as an entire log of users.

Punjab Police:

The PITB and The Punjab Police constantly add new features to the CRI to improve the program’s efficiency to check criminal record Pakistan by criminal lawyer in Lahore. Suppose the program is adopted by the four governments of the four provinces and the capital city of the federal government. In that case, criminals can be identified from any police station across the nation. Punjab Police has begun digitizing their criminal records. Soon, Punjab and Punjab police will share their criminal database.

Criminal Lawyer in Lahore:

To check criminal record Pakistan by criminal lawyer in Lahore says that previously, it was a long and tedious process to locate criminals’ records based on their father’s name, name, address, name, caste, and name. It was also challenging to find criminals from every district since there was no integrated, comprehensive criminal record database. Therefore, the PITB has created the CRMS based on CNIC numbers. It is a computerized system that stores criminals’ personal information (CNIC images, appearance, etc.).).

Extensive Database:

The concept is to create an extensive database containing complete criminal profiles (including details about personal information such as physical look, appearance, modus operandi criminal history, gangs, and fingerprints and photos) that are easily obtained through CNIC biometric data as needed to check criminal record Pakistan by criminal lawyer in Lahore. It is easy to get and browse using smart phones, web-based systems, or even text messages. The biometric devices are linked to CRMS to verify criminals. In addition, they are used for latent and live fingerprint scanning and matching. The manual fingerprint record has been successfully digitized and found in the CRMS database. It contains a complete profile of every criminal. Many applications related to law enforcement are integrated into this database.

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